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Do you know Christ?

You may respond, “I was born and raised as a Christian.”  You may say, “I’ve been to church every Sunday, serve as a deacon and on committees, go to Sunday school and Bible study every week, and I know every … Continue reading

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Politics, Religion, Opinion, and Respect

I think there are a couple of things that would make life a lot more pleasant for ourselves as well as others, as individuals.  One is if we could understand that it’s okay, and feel the freedom to state our … Continue reading

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The Truth

I want you to know I want you to see But I cannot do it, ’cause He made you free I tell you a truth Of all that I know But still, you reject it, say facts I must show … Continue reading

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Bad mood…really bad mood

My day started today with me being preached to by someone quoting Bible Scriptures to me…not letting me get a word in edgewise and in effect judging me. (Yes it happens amongst Christians sometimes.)  Then phone call after phone call, … Continue reading

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One of the most loved and beautiful songs ever written is John Lennon’s song, “Imagine”.  I was asked yesterday, by a fellow blogger on here, to imagine a world with no religion.  Hmmm. In terms of ‘religion’ in the sense … Continue reading

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Truth vs. Supposed Truth vs. Belief vs….Oy VEY! Heaven help me!!

You all know, by now, that I attest my Christian faith to be truth to me.  That said, there are things within those beliefs that I attest to be proven facts in my life…unquestioned anymore by me.  Proven things that … Continue reading

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Why should we fear atheists?

I understand that there isn’t really that much fear among Christians toward atheists who aren’t active in disproving the existence of God.  There are some, who are respectful, and just go on about their business and believe what they do … Continue reading

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