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Unconditional Acceptance?

Truly loving a person does NOT mean unconditionally accepting whatever they do.  Unconditional acceptance is not the same thing as unconditional love.  If someone you love is dancing around on the train tracks with their ear phones on, and you … Continue reading

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Food for Thought

First of all, let me say that this post is absolutely not meant as a judgment on anyone.  People I know have a variety of varying beliefs about this.  It’s just some questions…some things I’ve thought about as a Christian, … Continue reading

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Midnight thoughts from an insomniac :)

It’s almost 3 A.M. and I have tried…Lord knows…to go to sleep.  I am so tired I am buzzing, but alas…here I sit, having given up trying.  Mainly it’s that restless leg thing plaguing me tonight and keeping me awake.  … Continue reading

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Life, death and in between

Tomorrow is the 35th anniversary of the birth of my beautiful and wonderful daughter Jen.  It’s hard to believe 35 years have passed.  I still remember holding her in my arms for the first time.  She was so tiny and … Continue reading

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Still the same person: Raw thoughts

I’ve aged on the outside, and I suppose will continue to do so.  That is, after all, how it goes.  But inside I’m still the same.  Oh, sure…there are things I’ve learned along the way and ways that I’ve changed … Continue reading

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This Love I Have Found

There are things that I wonder and things that I want Things deep inside, that still sometimes haunt Things in the future, I wish I could see Though I’m not quite sure that would benefit me. ~~~ There are people … Continue reading

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For better or worse

How many people actually are thinking when they make a commitment with someone that it will turn out for worse anyway?  I really don’t think anyone does.  Everyone thinks that person they’re going to share his or her life with … Continue reading

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Insensitive (a poem by my daughter)

I wanted to share this with y’all.  Traci was reading me some of her poetry, and I really liked this and asked her permission to post it. 🙂  She wrote this one on June 21, 2000. Insensitive by Traci Rasor … Continue reading

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I tried

I wrote this song for my husband back in ’05.  The original version is also on YouTube, but this one is a studio version that I did.  I am not good at creating videos.  This one is just set to … Continue reading

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Somehow I get the feeling I have been misunderstood here

I talk a lot about my God…a God of compassion, mercy and love…slow to anger, desiring none should perish.  That IS my God…the God of the Bible. He is the same God who, as the Creator, can zap us if … Continue reading

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