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Thou impertinent, folly-fallen giglet!

🙂  This was just too much fun to pass up. 🙂 Advertisements

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Nice people

I was thinking, the only way to never offend anyone is to never really have an opinion, or a strong belief on anything…just to basically agree with everyone all the time.  But even then…I mean, even if you never spoke … Continue reading

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Win or Lose?

If cheating is the only way for you to win, my friend, Then do you think the means are really justified by end? For if you had to cheat to get whatever win you sought You still remain a loser, … Continue reading

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If your life was a television series…

If your life was made into a tv series, would it be a sitcom, drama, comedy-drama, suspense, reality show, or sci-fi? Ha ha!  What would the title be, and what would it be about? To answer my own question here, … Continue reading

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Ha ha! And speaking of floods…

…not that floods are funny at all, but this is.  A friend of mine who also lives here in Pensacola just posted this on Facebook.  It made me smile.  Oh, and you can tell he has kids…and grandkids….a ton of … Continue reading

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Good morning?

🙂  There’s nothing quite like lying down for a few minutes to rest, and waking up, saying good morning to your daughter and granddaughter, and having them laugh hysterically at you.  Yes, that’s right.  I took about a 3 hour … Continue reading

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“Grasshopper Meets Worm” Poetry Challenge

Here is the final Poetry Challenge based on these abstracts, unless you all let me know you want me to continue them.  The winning name was submitted by Diane at hometogo232.  Thanks Diane! Poetry Challenge rules: Submit your poems, named … Continue reading

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