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Don’t let the sun go down on your anger

The sun was already down before the anger came.  It’s almost midnight.  I’m tired, and very sad tonight.  But tomorrow’s another day.  I’m thankful for much…still holding on to those things in my mind…by a thread, but the thread’s still … Continue reading

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Slings and arrows

…of outrageous fortune.  LOL  Not really.  Just coming by to say I know I’m moody at times these days.  I’m not going to apologize though.  And I know that not everyone understands.  Truth be told, neither do I at times.  … Continue reading

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Maintaining Perspective Ain’t always easy

It’s one thing to hold your head up and persevere when the winds around you aren’t that strong.  But what about when you get sort of slapped down a bit harder…or a few more times?  I am someone who has … Continue reading

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