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Hopes, Dreams, Goals, and Faith

As some of you know, I began classes back in March to become a licensed massage therapist, but because of illness, I had to withdraw.  Fortunately, all of my financial aid was returned, because it happened so early after I … Continue reading

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The Princess (weekly challenge again)

The Princess There was a dream I used to have when I was but a child I had it o’er and o’er again, and it was really wild I dreamed I was a princess dressed in gown and hat with … Continue reading

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House On A Hill

Oh Lord, will you give me a house on a hill With a garden, and herbs on the window sill? With a family kitchen with gadgets galore Three of us working, and still room for more! ~~~ Lovely and open … Continue reading

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Questions by Anne Sikes I wonder if Jesus had longed for a wife And just to be settled in family life. Did he ever dream there was some other way Than taking the cross for my own sins to pay? … Continue reading

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Seeking peace, high in the hills

I love going to the mountains.  The beauty there, to me, is special.  Yeah, I like the sea too, and of course I live closer to the sea than to the mountains.  I especially like going to the beach at … Continue reading

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Okay…one more and I’m done for today…maybe

🙂 This is an event that I’ve told some people about over the last 6 years before…a really amazing event to me of how God showed me that He was there…and had always been there. When I was getting ready … Continue reading

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Pathway to Dreams

PATHWAY TO DREAMS By Anne Sikes Darkness surrounds And I cannot see the path Right before me, but in the midst, I Know…I remember that you are with me still Near to me in the midst of the overwhelming blackness … Continue reading

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Weary Traveler

  The                 Lonely                                 And long                                                 Road goes on                                                                 And on, seeming                                                                                 To never end as we                                                                                                 Sit together and listen to                                                                                 Music play on the radio                                                                 While we talk about                                                 Our … Continue reading

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Days will come and days will go

Yesterday was a pretty awesome day all around.  I was feeling a lot better too.  Today…not feeling so good.  I’m about to get off of here I think and lie down awhile.  I am SO thankful though…and feeling very blessed.  … Continue reading

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Dreams vs. Reality

Why does there have to be a difference?  Are dreams bad?  I think not!! Hopes, dreams, plans, goals…all of those are good to have.  But how do you find the balance between your dreams and reality?  Or the dreams that … Continue reading

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