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Depression…a deep, dark secret

I have discussed this topic before, from the standpoint of someone who has experienced it from the inside looking out and from the outside looking in.  I’ve seen it from all sides.  I’ve mulled it over a lot, and dealt … Continue reading

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Where I’m at

I’m very down today.  I feel a little like I’ve been run over by a mack truck, and a little like that little girl that I once was.  And that’s not anyone else’s fault.  It’s just that I took a … Continue reading

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Hills and valleys…and fog

Photo taken on a road trip we took to West Virginia, November 2006 It’s been weird lately.  I’ve been rather down, yet so grateful for so many things.  I have trouble concentrating a lot of the time lately, so am … Continue reading

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A Clarification

Yesterday I wrote a blog called The Fine Line.  It was talking about using medication for depression or mental illnesses, and how it sometimes stifles creativity.  My friend Stephen from Life Revelation pointed out some things that I wanted to … Continue reading

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The Fine Line

They say there’s a fine line between genius and insanity, and judging from what I’ve come to know about some very artistic, and very brilliant people past and present, I think it’s pretty true.  Even in terms of myself…singer/songwriter, poet, … Continue reading

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Forecast: Dark clouds looming over heart

I feel that nasty depressed feeling wrapping its claws around me again.  Stupid, insidious thing that it is, it creeps up on you.  I can’t focus lately again.  Can’t concentrate on conversations or on much of anything.  Was drifting at … Continue reading

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One of the most loved and beautiful songs ever written is John Lennon’s song, “Imagine”.  I was asked yesterday, by a fellow blogger on here, to imagine a world with no religion.  Hmmm. In terms of ‘religion’ in the sense … Continue reading

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To my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ

Just have had this on my heart tonight to say.  There are some Christians who, I think really believe that being a Christian means having to present a ‘pretty picture’ for people to see as they walk through this life.  … Continue reading

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Regarding painful memories

Years ago when I was in the hospital for a severe bout of depression, during that time I was dealing with a lot of memories that had suddenly come up and that were tormenting me.  Before I went into the … Continue reading

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Headaches and depression link?

My mood went notably down over the last couple of days.  And I was thinking…where is this coming from?  I was doing fine…positive and plugging away through this life and all its problems.  I thought maybe it was just that … Continue reading

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