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For better or worse

How many people actually are thinking when they make a commitment with someone that it will turn out for worse anyway?  I really don’t think anyone does.  Everyone thinks that person they’re going to share his or her life with … Continue reading

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Something That We Do

Love…probably the most craved thing by humans, and the most written about topic in songs and poetry.  I was thinking about that Clint Black song, “Something That We Do”…love that song.  One of the lines is, “Love isn’t someplace that … Continue reading

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It seems that people today are so often, so unwilling to truly commit to things…or to people.  It’s only when there’s enough in it for them that they want to do so…or even when things go absolutely perfectly according to … Continue reading

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There must really be something wrong with her!!

I was thinking about the fact that I’ve been married twice, and left twice.  I can almost see the thoughts in some people’s minds about that…how something must really be wrong with me for that to be the case.  You … Continue reading

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