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Life in my absence, etc.

It’s been awhile.  It’s my intention to begin devoting some regular time here again, although my life is busy and I won’t have the kind of time that I did when I first started this blog.  On that note, I … Continue reading

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Room for Improvement

This day has much room for improvement, and I’m trusting that it will. 🙂  I got up this morning, much later than I needed to…rushed to get ready to take Grace to the bus (in the midst of Jen’s cat, … Continue reading

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A rose by any other name

What is it about kids, going through a stage where they don’t like their name anymore?  🙂  When I was young, I decided I didn’t like my name and wanted to be called Molly.  Now mind you, my name is … Continue reading

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I tried

I wrote this song for my husband back in ’05.  The original version is also on YouTube, but this one is a studio version that I did.  I am not good at creating videos.  This one is just set to … Continue reading

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I just wanted to say…

To all of you out there who have loved and mothered children other than your own…those who have kids of your own and those who have none, Happy Mother’s Day.  You deserve to be honored just as much as anyone.  … Continue reading

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More Photoshop fixins

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Ugh! Big hair and a frowny face. Ha ha!

Lookin’ through the old pics and trying to doctor them.  I think I just need to delete my face out of these altogether! I have no clue what was wrong with me that day! 🙂  This was in 1981…probably about … Continue reading

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