That’s Life

I love this picture of Grace and me, taken almost 5 years ago at her birthday party.  It’s kind of symbolic I think to life…the ‘pin the tail on the donkey thing’…floundering around and not quite always knowing what’s before us, but smiling through it…perhaps while someone’s beside us thinking, “No…no, NO!…like my granddaughter was doing there.”

I don’t know what God’s doing with me and my loved ones a lot of the time. But I do know without a doubt He loves me…and them…and I trust Him.  I do get tired sometimes, and I get angry and frustrated sometimes, and I flounder around or ‘react’ badly sometimes to things, people and situations. The good thing is I can always stand up, brush the bad days…or moments off, and leave them all behind, trying to do better.

I was thinking though, about sometimes when things get really heavy to deal with in my life…how I’ll ask, “How long?”  I got to thinking about that and wondering…how long what?  How long til the problems all cease?  How long til my life is all perfect and rosy and all lined up neatly?  The answer to that is really never, I think. Not in this lifetime. Life will never be without problems.  Some will be resolved, and new ones will come along.  If I’m waiting for some kind of perfection in my life, the only kind of perfection I can think of that’s real is the one that will come when I realize that there will always be problems and learn to be content in the midst of whatever’s going on, deal with it, and take the happy moments in the midst and make the absolute best of them that I can…and to my best with whatever is before me. But really…that’s what I’m supposed to do with all the moments.

Look…I have friends with some pretty heavy things going on right now.  Then I feel guilty about thinking about my own problems, and I don’t think I have to do that.  I do have some real issues of my own, and sometimes I feel the weight of them, and that doesn’t make me selfish or unconcerned.  Mostly, I try to smile through whatever’s going on.  But some days I just can’t, and yesterday was one of those days.

But yesterday’s gone, the sun’s shining and a new day is here.  It’ll have its possibilities, and its own problems.  And then it’ll be over too.  That’s life…and it’s okay.

Every day when I get up, I’m going to start asking God, “What do you want me to do with this day?”…and then to trust that everything I need to accomplish whatever that is will be provided.  And not only that…but pray for the unselfishness through it to stay focused on that attitude rather than getting drawn into whatever drama’s going on in my life.

Have a lovely Tuesday full of lots of smiles!

Love and blessings,



About Anne Sikes

"But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us." (2 Cor. 4:7) Sharing the journey through daily thoughts and struggles, examination of Scripture, poetry, music and art.
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6 Responses to That’s Life

  1. It’s so true Anne. Each day brings new situations and some new problem issues. We’re not going to have perfect days all the time…but thank God He promised to be with us as we go through ‘the storms’. Feel better my friend…Diane

    • Anne Sikes says:

      Thanks Diane! I had a pretty good day today. Made a 98 on my mid term. Would’ve made a 100 but got in a hurry and read one of the answers wrong (multiple choice). But that’s okay…kind of irritated me because it was careless of me…the question was one I knew well. But it was my fault, still was a good grade and I left smiling. We had a short class tonight.

  2. jjoyv says:

    Awesome reminder on just how simple it is to ask for help.

    • Anne Sikes says:

      Thank you. 🙂 I actually find asking for help one of the most difficult things there is. And it’s funny…because I don’t mind helping others. But I hate being the one doing the ‘needing’. Pride. 🙂

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