Winners of this week’s challenges and new Poetry Challenge

This week, for the Name That Abstract #7, our winner was Maggie, with 6 votes for her name, Turquoise Rising.  Love it!  And thanks to all who submitted names!

Turquoise Rising
by Anne Sikes

Maggie was also the winner this week for the Poetry Challenge, with 5 votes!  Here is her poem.  And just as a reminder, the name of this abstract is different from the name of Maggie’s poem because I gave people the options to use any of the names that were submitted for this one for their poems.  Maggie chose Hurricane Season, which was the name that had been submitted by Sandy.

Spiral Lucidity
by Anne Sikes

Hurricane Season
(Hurricane Irene and Me)

The hurricane pounds Carolina’s coast,
like epileptic aura as it cranks
its heavy gears. Soon land and brain will host
evacuated vacuum while each ghost
town opens to abnormal waves. The tanks
of hurricane pound Carolina’s coast
and drown my mind. As if a whipping post,
the isles of Carolina’s Outer Banks
endure the punishment. Soon land must host
the hurricane, a seizure slams its most
destructive weapon, and all function blanks.
The storms that pound the Carolina coast
with wild abandon, power-hungry, boast
the strength of hurricane. No need for thanks
as heavy gears make land and brain the host
to waste. Then how our earth, that innermost
desire for normalcy, stirs us and yanks
against the hurricane. No, we’ll not coast.
Fresh restoration gears up as our host.

This week’s Poetry Challenge will stick with the winning name.  So please submit your poems in the comment section below, titled “Turquoise Rising”.  They can be any style of poem that you would like.  You will have one week from today, until Saturday the 7th at noon U.S. Central time, to submit your poems.  If you post the poem on your page as well, please include a link to this post.

Voting for your favorites is done by clicking on the ‘thumbs up’ for the poems that you like the most.  And here is my poem to start you off:

Turquoise Rising
by Anne Sikes

Turquoise Rising






Then back

Down again

See the colors

Spew forth

As they rise

And fall

Like thoughts

Of you.

I love


I love


The Name That Abstract #8 is coming up next. 🙂  Thanks again to all of you!!


About Anne Sikes

"But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us." (2 Cor. 4:7) Sharing the journey through daily thoughts and struggles, examination of Scripture, poetry, music and art.
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12 Responses to Winners of this week’s challenges and new Poetry Challenge

  1. Wonderful CONGRATULATION!

  2. timzauto says:

    Congrats to Maggie …wtg .. 😀

  3. timzauto says:

    Turquoise Rising

    Thickening fog moving
    solid white
    the color of being gone
    we search
    looking for more
    everything has lost its allure
    we think all is gone
    in the highest views of sight
    we see
    there it is at last
    the color of our world
    the lush sweet smell of the sea
    turquoise rising before us

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  5. Maggie says:

    Turquoise Rising

    Beneath the colors we can see
    lurk waiting shades and hues. The earth
    holds hordes of them. In summer’s mirth
    they pop their heads, and every tree

    becomes alive with Nature’s paint.
    The turquoise rising from the heart
    of ocean depths is just the start.
    Pink-orange, the morning sun so faint,

    grants its permission that I rise.
    In through my window yellow streams
    and covers me with sunshine beams.
    And then the azure of his eyes

    greets me each morning. What a treat.
    The wonder and surprise I know
    from colors that arise and flow
    drum steady rhythms to my beat.

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