There are so many ways God’s existence has been proven in my life.  Those who choose not to believe it would say it’s all coincidence, or maybe that I’m delusional, or brainwashed, or…something.  I don’t know what.  Doesn’t matter.  The thing is though, I would be crazy to not believe.

Why do I care?  Certainly not because I care what people think about me in this matter.  I know what I know, and nothing can change that.  But I do care because it’s sad to me for people to reject something that is so good…to dismiss it, or even ridicule it.  If only they would just open their minds…ah, but that’s a dangerous thing to some. 

So is it coincidence about the miraculous way my dental needs have been met recently…after praying about it specifically and to have it specifically answered in a way that was impossible…by the kindness of a stranger who knew nothing about me or my prayer?  It’s no small thing, believe me.  It IS a miracle.

What about when Ted and I were in the big truck?  After a little while, Ted asked me one day, “So where do you want to go next?”  I told him, knowing that we never got trips down to this area of Florida where my girls are, “It would be nice if we would get to go through where the girls are.”  Guess what happened?  We got a trip where we had to go to Alabama, very near here, and then to Panama City.  We had time and drove through here and got to stop and visit my girls.  Ted started asking every time we’d make a drop.  “So where do you want to go now?”  Every time I’d say, that’s where we’d get sent…and it was to places we’d never been sent.  I even asked him once if he thought maybe dispatch had us bugged or something.  I was joking, but he said he didn’t think that was who it was that was listening. 🙂  I would agree.

Then there was the time we had a big fight while on the road in the truck.  We weren’t speaking to each other, and had just made a drop in Illinois.  Ted pulled the truck out of the dock and off to the side of the road to wait until we got another assignment.  I was sitting in my seat looking at the map on the computer, and he was standing next to me looking over my shoulder.  Suddenly a dove was right in front of the windshield in front of us, flapping its wings and looking in, and then flew off to the side and sat on the rear view window, looking in at us.  Ted said there was another as well.  I hadn’t seen the second one at that time.  But they both then flew off to the side and were walking around on the ground.Ted said, “Do you think she’s trying to tell you something?”  I said, “ME?  You mean YOU!” 🙂  We were joking, but it was a sign to us to quit our bickering.  We were a team…friends.  To us it was a sign from God at the time.  And believe me…it was really a cool and amazing thing to behold.

There were other things…and there have been so many other things.  There was one time when my first husband had decided to leave me, long before he actually did.  Our kids were very young at the time.  He did leave, and went to stay with a friend.  One night, my daughter Jen was crying.  I got up from bed and went to comfort her.  She missed her daddy.  So I said let’s pray.  Tommy was asleep, but Jen, who was 10 at the time, and Traci who was 6, held hands with me while we prayed that God would put our family back together again.

David had sworn it was over for good.  He’d been gone for a couple of weeks at the time.  The day after that prayer, he came to get me to take me to an appointment that I had to go to.  On the way there he told me he had decided to come back.  He said, “Don’t ask me why…I don’t know why.”  I knew why.  He later did leave…but when he did, all of our kids were grown.

There was the time when I got on my knees and prayed for my father along with a television evanglism show…I was praying that my father would be able to walk again.  He had a stroke in ’79 and was in a wheelchair, and this was something like 1983 I think when I prayed that prayer.  I called my mother a couple of days later and asked how things were.  She said “Guess what!  Daddy took 6 steps the other day!”  Now that wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I prayed that prayer, but it was still an answer.  He walked…with a cane…but he walked.  And he continued to walk some every day after that with that cane.

I could go on, because there have been so many things…so many.  Some have been small things and others have been bigger.  But I know beyond any doubt that they were God…making His presence known in my life.  Others will say they’re coincidence or something.

Sunday when a couple from church came here to have dinner with me after church, we were talking about the ways that God had made His presence known in their life during trials.  That’s the thing…He does that.  Even when you’re still in the midst of waiting for a ‘storm’ of life to pass, He’ll often do something in the midst…sort of like saying, “See…I’m still here…I haven’t left you…just hang on.  I love you.”

No…I can’t make you believe any of this.  But I know what I know.  And really, I would have to be crazy to still believe with all the trials I’ve seen in my life, if in the midst of my believing,  it hadn’t proven to me as it has been.  If I had not truly known His presence in the midst of them, I would’ve turned away from this belief of mine a very long time ago.  Instead my belief has become stronger and more grounded.  My faith is not unshakable, but it’s unbreakable.

I do not understand so many things.  I don’t understand why my marriage had to break up…and a lot of things surrounding all of that, when we were so close and such a team at one time.  I don’t understand why there are people starving when God has the power to make food just appear for them.  I don’t understand so many things.  But one thing I do understand…the God that I believe in IS real, and He loves me.  And I will profess that until my dying breath.  I wish so much that all of you could know it too.

Love and blessings,



About Anne Sikes

"But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us." (2 Cor. 4:7) Sharing the journey through daily thoughts and struggles, examination of Scripture, poetry, music and art.
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8 Responses to Coincidence?

  1. timzauto says:

    That is a beautiful story Anne …very touching , I can’t comment on the lord but we find in him things that suit us as a person . we needn’t worry about others believes , only our own . You are a truly beautiful person ….I’m so glad he has crossed our paths ….Tim

    • Anne Sikes says:

      Thank you for your kind words Tim. It just makes me sad when people don’t…or won’t see. It’s like knowing this amazing ‘secret garden’ if you will. You want others to see it too, because it’s so awesome and amazing…and you know the way but they don’t believe it’s there so refuse to go look. 🙂

      • timzauto says:

        I do know , I was one of them . People today are to wrapped up in being better than everyone else …I feel sorry for some now . I’m so glad I caught myself for me is changing …it takes time but it’s happening …

        • Anne Sikes says:

          That makes me smile about your life changing. I’m so glad for you! It is a real…long journey full of twists and turns and hills and valleys and long, winding roads that seem to never end sometimes. 🙂 Sometimes I want to just lie down and give up when it gets really hard. But He always helps me back up again…reminds me of that incredible love and that He’s still right there with me.

          And you’re right about a lot of people being wrapped up in themselves and how they can get ahead. I think it’s always been that way though, to a degree.

          • timzauto says:

            Yes and will continue as long as people exist . I can now separate myself from that and finally be happy just because I’m me…lol . I’m not patient usually , but have figured out this road is the road I’m going to travel the rest of my life .

  2. And that is my prayer right along with you Anne…that all of those who I know do not yet believe will do so by the power of prayer and the work of the Holy Spirit….take care….Diane

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