Great blog by my brother Steve, in honor of Ray Bradbury.

when is a party not a party ?

The following is an article published this morning, following the death at age ninety-one of the legendary Science Fiction author, Ray Bradbury.  It reports a side of his story that few have considered due to the spectre of political correctness.

I met Mr. Bradbury twice, at public lectures that he gave in Denver and in Boulder.  I was honored to speak directly with him on both occasions, and he graciously personalized for me my copy of Fahrenheit 451, certainly one of the finest and most important novels of the twentieth century.

As a personal addition, there is an obscure story by one of the first great American authors, Nathaniel Hawthorne, which also examines the themes of censorship and book burning:  “Earth’s Holocaust” from Mosses From An Old Manse (1846).  It is a story that I believe, as well, should be read and taken to heart by all.


Censoring Ray Bradbury

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