“Beauty Grows Amid Shadows” Poetry Challenge

Beauty Grows Amid Shadows
by Anne Sikes

Here’s the new poetry challenge.  Write a poem, any style you please, and title it “Beauty Grows Amid Shadows”.  Put your poem in a comment below this post, or you may link the poem into the comments below.  If you don’t post your poem in the comments below, or a link to it, it won’t be considered submitted.  This is for ease of voting.

By all means, if you’d like to link this post on your blog and invite others to play, you’re welcome to and it’s appreciated.  But be sure they know to post their poems here if they want them counted.

The deadline will be Friday, once again at noon U.S. central time.  That’s when I’ll reblog this and you can vote at that time by clicking on the ‘thumbs up’ below the entries.  I’ll look forward to reading your poems!  Here’s my acrostic poem to start you off:

Beauty Grows Amid Shadows















About Anne Sikes

"But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us." (2 Cor. 4:7) Sharing the journey through daily thoughts and struggles, examination of Scripture, poetry, music and art.
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23 Responses to “Beauty Grows Amid Shadows” Poetry Challenge

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  3. Beauty Grows Amid Shadows

    I sit alone in my truck
    in the wee hours of the morn…..
    I am stuck
    by the quiet.

    The CB is on.
    quiet still
    Radio on.
    Music there.
    Mind isn’t.
    Heart is.

    I am alone in the darkness of this lonesome roadway
    amid the shadows of people darting in and out
    I do not know them
    Nor they me
    We go out our business
    never do we see

    My favorite time to climb into my cab
    is 3 AM

    I come into the city, as dawn is breaking
    Sky beautiful.
    Others fear this big, bad city.
    I embrace her.
    She makes me forget.
    The pain lessens
    at 70 MPH, OK maybe faster.
    I know I made the right choice
    though it hurts so bad.
    He will never understand
    Not sure I do, which is sad.

    I did it for LOVE
    but it is still so very quiet here in my cab
    good thing it is dark and no one is there.
    They will never see the tears of love
    amid the shadows of my cab.

  4. Anne I wanted to try not sure if this is OK if not let me know and I can delete 🙂

  5. Not really a real poem remember new to sharing lol Thanks so much Anne xo


    The sun is shining,
    The birds all sing,
    They look for food,
    To young they bring.
    Rain then begins,
    To fall beneath,
    The soil that holds,
    The roots below.
    The sun is setting,
    Darkness creeps in.
    The flowers once bright,
    Now hide in the shadows
    Of the dark of the night.

  7. Maggie says:

    Beauty Grows Amid Shadows

    I wrap them differently, God said to me
    of gifts. The paper doesn’t always shine.
    Mysterious, My ways, don’t you agree?

    I rose from crude and ugly gallows tree,
    dying of thirst, was given gall for wine.
    I wrap them differently. God said to me

    that I must learn He would not guarantee
    a perfect life, that dark and light combine.
    Mysterious His ways, don’t you agree?

    My child, reflect upon Gethsemane.
    What death attempted wove a new design.
    I wrap them differently, God said. To me,

    a package should be beautiful, decree
    that elegant surprises wait in line.
    Mysterious His ways, don’t you agree?

    When seizure strikes, the gift-wrap warranty
    expires, requires my pen to countersign
    the gifts wrapped differently. God said to me,
    Mysterious My ways. Don’t you agree?

  8. Anne Sikes says:

    Beautiful Maggie! Thank you! 🙂

  9. timzauto says:

    Beauty grows amid shadows….

    growing darkness , impending furry
    looking back , everythings blurry
    shadows building , nights arangement
    grow up around us , total betrayment
    clouds moving by , moon light shown
    light shines beauty , through shadows blown .

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  11. satprem33 says:

    Beauty grows amid shadows~

    The continuity of a powerless play,
    A subtle frequency which holds fear at bay,
    A dance of the moment which begs me to stay,
    A fire eternal illuminates the way.

    Many dances through a myriad of moons,
    A deathless season of vibrational monsoons,
    A journey backward, yet forward to the womb,
    A silent calling unearths the mental tomb.

    Silence rises to consume a fortress strong,
    Falling forward into realms of endless song,
    A hopeful heaven right here before the throng,
    Elusive moments, to rest where we belong.

    Nothing to conquer, no endless search in vain,
    A seed of beauty borne of bitter pain,
    The death of reason, eternal life anew,
    Heaven’s elsewhere mirrors heaven’s home in you.

    Copyright © Satprem 2012

  12. Despite how many amazing awards you’ve earned recently, I still think you need one more… so, i’m nominating you for MRS. SPARKLY’S TEN COMMANDMENTS AWARD… go ahead & come on my website to check it out! Congratulations. you so deserve this!

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  15. Anne Sikes says:

    Reblogged this on My Life Uncut…Almost and commented:

    Submissions are closed for the poetry challenge now. Be sure and get your votes in. I’ll let you know the winner Tuesday around noon, U.S. Central time. Thanks!

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