Stages of grief


A separation or divorce is a grief process, like a death.  Today I’m in the anger stage…angry about just about a lot of things in my life right now…not just stuff to do with the separation.  I hate it.  I go from being perfectly fine and hopeful, to being really down and tearful, to being angry and wanting to tell the whole world off, and on it goes.

In the midst, I have gotten some productive things done, believe it or not.  And I don’t need to be reminded to have faith.  I still do, and I know it’ll all be okay.  But meanwhile, I found this link.  I’m not alone in this, so thought I’d share this.  I thought it was some good information and advice about this situation.  Good news in there!  I’m not crazy!  (laughing out loud) 😀

Coping with Separation and Divorce


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"But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us." (2 Cor. 4:7) Sharing the journey through daily thoughts and struggles, examination of Scripture, poetry, music and art.
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11 Responses to Stages of grief

  1. Lost is hard and it all deals with the lost because when you have someone to depend on, every problem seem minor because you have two to tackle it. Loves that you expressed your trials in hopes to encourage others express theirs. Yell, scream, until you’re able to smile and laugh and truly mean it. I don’t feel bad for you; I just want you to feel better!!!!

  2. val303 says:

    You should check out my post about movng on in life.. i hope it makes u feel better..

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  4. Having gone through a divorce of my choosing(finally walked away from all the abuse)in 1996. I can assure you, if you believe in yourself and God ,you will be OK. Yes life will have it’s ups and down and man I could write a book on this, but you can be YOU again. Happy and filled with JOY!
    If the marriage was not good and you hung onto it for all the wrong reasons LET IT GO you deserve to be HAPPY Anne.

    • Anne Sikes says:

      Oh, I know I’ll be okay. Whatever happens…I do trust God. The ‘happy’ part of that though…I think happiness is different than joy. The joy we’re supposed to have is in spite of happy or sad circumstances. I had a friend once ask me, “Don’t you think God wants you to be happy?” I said I didn’t know. And I didn’t mean that in the sense that I think he’s cruel in any way. But if you look at Biblical figures even, would you have been happy in the circumstances they went through? Like with Paul…imprisoned and whipped and shipwrecked and all sorts of trials. Or Mother Teresa even…with all that she did and her great faith…I can’t imagine that she was ‘happy’ caring for people who were dying…and with the things she must’ve seen. But I believe she had that joy.

      As for the marriage, all marriages have problems or disagreements in them. But we had some really close times…and they weren’t all happy times either. Believe me! We went through some really difficult circumstances and remained not just intact…but very solid through them. The ‘end’ stunned me. But I trust God through it, and I wouldn’t want to go back and then be thrown away again on a whim…or even to go back to some of how it was in the last couple of years. Trusting Him though, doesn’t mean I am not going to feel sad sometimes. And I am a forever person. I meant my vows. It doesn’t matter of course, if the man I married didn’t. And there you have the part where I have accepted this as how it is. But sometimes I do still grieve for what was lost, although I’m not really sure it ever ‘truly’ existed.

      But either way, God was present through all that, and He’s present now.

      Thanks Eunice. ♥

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