Danger, Will Robinson!

Some of you will remember that phrase from the old television series “Lost in Space”…a favorite of my brother and me from back in the day.  Well, sometimes fellow Christians seem to me like they’re going around saying the same thing.  No! Danger!! Don’t go there!  Don’t do that!  Don’t talk like that!  Don’t look like that!  There’s a whole lot of ‘do nots’ and ‘must nots in their vocabulary it seems.

Along with them of course are the do’s and the must’s…like you must always present yourself holy and upright.  You must always be speaking of Scriptures and God’s Word…listening only to ‘His’ music, etc., etc. and on and on…

I know we are supposed to look different than the world.  We are supposed to strive to be holy.  We are supposed to avoid sin…all those things are true.  But that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy this life and the creation that God put us in.  They are not mutually exclusive.  God created the world and all that’s in it, and He gave man dominion over it all.  Did He give us all that so that we’re just supposed to walk around like robots, quoting Scripture and never talking about things other than the words in the Bible…never enjoying the creation and the life that He gave us?  I certainly don’t think so.

I was having these thoughts earlier today while I was sitting outside in the beautiful, sunny day that we’re having here today.  Then I came inside and found this post What’s It All About Jesus by Christopher C. Randolph, which was touching on the same thing in it…what is it supposed to look like to live the Gospel of Jesus?  Thanks for that post, Christopher!

We are in the world, but not of the world…that’s what the Bible tells us.  We are supposed to have the fruit of the Spirit as evidence that we are Christians.  If we don’t exhibit that fruit of the Spirit, then our salvation should be questioned.  Certainly, if we’re living a very sinful life, it can also be questioned.  But that is not the same thing as just enjoying the life that God gave us as much as we’re able…laughing, singing, fishing, skipping stones, playing games, even our sexuality is God given, and we are created in a way to enjoy that.  Again…I’m not speaking of sexual impurity…of sin…hopefully that is understood here in what I’m saying.

If you want to just go around like a robot to show how holy you are, you are missing so much out of life.  You’re missing so much that God did not put here to be missed…that God did not put here just for the unsaved to enjoy.  As for me?  I’m going to enjoy it.  Life is difficult…there are trials and tribulations and heartaches and heart breaks aplenty.  I’m going to grasp every bit of happiness in the midst that I can.

And you know what?  I can recall times in my life where people would comment to me that they saw something in me…something different, or a light in my eyes, or things like that.  If you are living for Him, I think you will have that.  There have been times of deep trial in my life where the light was pretty dim I think, but what I’m saying is that people can tell that there’s something different when you are His…when you belong to Him.  They should be able to, anyway.  I had a time actually when I was talking to my daughter, who at the time was a professed atheist.  I was going through a ton of things dumped on top of me at the time, and I was very heavy hearted and sorrowful in the midst of it.  I commented that it must seem strange for me to be proclaiming my faith in God and His goodness when I had all those problems.  She said, “I don’t know, Mom…I think it is more of a testament to that belief in the fact that you continue to have faith even through all this.” (I put that in quotes, that was some time ago and I don’t remember the exact quote…but it was very close to that.)

God created us with the ability to laugh and experience great joy in all sorts of ways.  I do not believe for a second that He did that so He could tell us to stifle it and be cautious about how much we enjoyed ourselves in this life that He gave us to live.

Any thoughts?

Love and blessings,


About Anne Sikes

"But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us." (2 Cor. 4:7) Sharing the journey through daily thoughts and struggles, examination of Scripture, poetry, music and art.
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7 Responses to Danger, Will Robinson!

  1. I too believe that we as Christians can enjoy life…and I only will live by the two ‘do’s’ that Christ commanded…Love God with All your heart,;mind and soul’ and 2nd Love your neighbour as yourself… The rest I leave up to the Holy Spirit to guide me in the enjoyment of life!…Diane

    • Anne Sikes says:

      True. I think mainly what I was getting at that people worry too much about some sort of appearances or rules so that they don’t just enjoy life. In the world we will have tribulation…but we don’t have to bring more on ourselves in a way than what we already have, by not allowing ourselves to enjoy and appreciate life fully. 🙂 If Christ brings us freedom, why don’t we live as if we’re free, rather than bound tightly to an idea of what we’re supposed to be and supposed to do? Thanks Diane!

      • Exactly…When I worked for a Christian organization (for 13 years) .but when I first started since it was inter-denominational I met some Christians who really did have definite ‘do not’s and do’s and thought at one point maybe I was too liberated in my faith…but then I relaxed and realized I was who I was and lived ‘in Christ’ the way that I found that was okay for me..Diane

        • Anne Sikes says:

          There are a whole lot of churches like that. But Paul spent a lot of time just through the book of Galatians telling them to stop living for the old laws and reprimanding them for it…telling them doing so was making Christ’s sacrifice of no use, and asking them why they insisted on going back to their old ways…even that he was worried about them for doing so…that what he had taught them had been all for nothing! If we are in Christ, we can relax. the Spirit will most certainly guide and direct us in the do’s and don’ts without us having to be all stressed about it and work so hard at it. 🙂

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  3. shianwrites says:

    Excellent post Anne!!!! When we walk with God, people see it. We don’t need to be robotic.

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