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The Voice of Truth

So many voices over the last few days, reminding me of what a failure I am, and will always be.  Help me hear your voice in the midst, Lord.

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Come to Jesus

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Empty Head

That seems to be me today.  Ha ha…some might say it’s me every day…but it’s definitely not. 🙂  Usually my head is full of thoughts of all sorts, swirling around about so many things.  I can’t even put together thoughts … Continue reading

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Originally posted on My Life Uncut…Almost:
Here is a new abstract for you to come up with a name for.  The same rules apply as before, and the deadlines are the same as for the Name That Abstract Poetry…

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‘Enjoying’ Adversity? (Regarding my last post)

My mother, God rest her soul, I honestly believe became in some way ‘addicted’ to the turmoil.  Please…don’t misunderstand me.  I am not saying she wanted it to be that way ‘consciously’.  But sometimes, when you have known a way … Continue reading

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