15 Responses to Retro Friday

  1. Oh my – Leo Sayer, that does take me back! Just listening to the second track (never heard of her before) I’m liking it! Thank you 🙂
    Hope you are well?
    Wishing you a lovely, relaxed weekend 🙂

    • Anne Sikes says:

      I love Leo Sayer. My first husband and I used to listen to him all the time back in the late 70’s. Melanie…she was quite strange. ha ha…and I am quite strange. Always have loved her. You’ve probably heard the song she did, “Brand New Key”. Some of the words were, “I’ve got a brand new pair of roller skates, you got a brand new key. I think that we should get together and try them out and see…” I think she sang at Woodstock too. I’m pretty sure that’s accurate. She still sings, and her kids sing/play with her. And thank you!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend yourself, Alex! 😀

  2. Aaahhhh yes I remember the song!
    We had a quirky UK group called the Wurzles (they dressed as farmers) and they adapted the song to ‘I’ve got a brand new combined harvester and I’ll give you the key’
    Ah it all becomes clear now!!
    Thank you – I love your retro Friday!!!

    • Anne Sikes says:

      Ha ha! I’m delighted to hear that! 🙂 Was going to include some Cat Stevens…maybe some Leon Russell, or maybe England Dan and John Ford Coley. But I’m planning on being around awhile, so there’s time for all that and more! Like…Dusty Springfield, Roger Miller maybe…who knows what I’ll feel like on any given day. 🙂 I just love music!! 🙂

  3. arkenaten says:

    “I’ve got a brand new pair of roller skates…” 🙂
    Yeah, them was the days,,,right?

    • Anne Sikes says:

      Ha ha! Love Melanie. I love her song “Beautiful People”. She definitely has a style all her own. 🙂

      • arkenaten says:

        Never really got into her music…but this song stuck in my mind.My favorite female singer of this era was Carole King, and Tapestry is a real gem of an album.

        • Anne Sikes says:

          Oh my gosh! I LOVE Carole King. Tapestry is one of my all time favorite songs…and albums.

          • arkenaten says:

            Well,what do you know! We have something in common…
            I also love James Taylor’s album, Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon. Remember this?.

            • Anne Sikes says:

              Oh yeah! James Taylor was a biggie that David and I listened to all the time in ‘the early years of us’. 🙂 Mud Slide Slim…I can still see that album cover in my mind. It got a lot of use! As well as Styx, the Eagles, Marshall Tucker Band, Grand Funk…so many. I also loved America, Carly Simon, Moody Blues is a huge fave of mine, Pink Floyd, Creedence, CSNY (got to see them in concert at the Pepsi Center in Denver, April of 2002 with my brother Steve and sister in law Jean…great concert!). John Denver also…Steve and I lied to our parents and went to see him in concert in Canyon TX (100 miles away from our home) in…1974 I think it was. It was a free concert he did at what was then West Texas State University, and is now West Texas A & M. Ah…mem’ries…light the corners of my mind. LOL And ha ha…yes, just as I suspected, we do have some areas of common ground in there. 😉

            • arkenaten says:

              The Mud Slide album cover…Taylor in a blue jean shirt and thick braces! Long hair and that grin!
              “Hey, mister that’s me upon the Jukebox…”
              Never appreciated John Denver.Dunno why not.
              Had stuff from America.. Horse with no name, sister golden hair.
              The Eagles have just played South Africa..but missed them.
              Ironically, the Moody Blues are due to play here just about now, I think?

              Saw the Stones twice (i was 13 the first time -bunked school) and many, many rock bands when I lived in the UK.

            • Anne Sikes says:

              I was supposed to see the Moody Blues in March, but it fell through along with other plans. I never cared for the Stones, for the most part. You know that old question people ask, “Beatles or Stones?” I say Beatles. 🙂 I like Elton John too. He actually has a penthouse in Atlanta down the street from where my husband and I used to live. Ha ha…I loaned a friend of mine my album “Caribou” I think it was, of his, that had the song, “The Bitch Is Back” on it. Her father heard that song play, and didn’t realize it was my album, walked over and grabbed it off the turntable and busted it. LOL She was really embarrassed and they did replace my album. I still think that’s funny. But I never did like that particular song, either. 🙂

            • Anne Sikes says:

              Actually it was probably ’73 when we saw John Denver.

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