Somehow I get the feeling I have been misunderstood here

I talk a lot about my God…a God of compassion, mercy and love…slow to anger, desiring none should perish.  That IS my God…the God of the Bible.

He is the same God who, as the Creator, can zap us if He pleases…He is a just God, not an evil God.  He’s not going to unjustly zap people.  But if He wanted to, He could.  That just wouldn’t be in character with a loving, merciful, JUST God who the Bible says is love.  1 John 4:8 says, “Whoever does not love, does not know God, for God is love.” (NIV)

So I was looking at my blogging buddy Bird’s site this morning, and found that she had posted this. My God of Vengeance and One to be Feared.  Great blog, as you can always expect from Bird!  But wait a minute…does that go against what I’ve been saying?  Is that a different God than the One I worship?  Absolutely not!! 

When I go before God in prayer, I don’t talk to Him in some formal, King James Version of the Bible-worded prayer.  That’s true.  I talk to him the same way I talk here to you, or to anyone else.  That’s who I am, and that’s the me that He knows.  I don’t live in a world where King James talk is normal, so I go to Him just as I am.  Nothing wrong with that.  It’s as it should be.  But I do NOT see him as a ‘pal’, or as a ‘fairy godfather’.  I don’t go to God and say, “Ha ha!  Hey, good buddy…whatcha know??” I go to Him with reverence and in humility, recognizing Him as a great and mighty…but yes also a loving, merciful and kind God.  He is worthy of my respect, and of my recognition that He has power…He made us after all.  And the Bible has stories of how he has acted out of that power and brought justice when necessary.  And it tells us that He will bring justice in the end as well.  He is to be feared as One who is not just some guy pal in the sky, but as One who loves us, yes…but who has great and mighty powers, and will certainly use them when necessary.

If you’ve somehow gotten some wrong impression from my words here that my ‘God of love’ is not the same as your ‘God of Vengeance’…either you’ve misinterpreted my words, or I’ve not done well expressing them.  That said, I will continue to talk about the God of love that I know…I will continue to love and to use the gifts and ways that God has equipped me personally with, just as I expect that others with different gifts and ways than myself will do.  Just as God is not ‘only’ a God of love, He is also not ‘only’ a God of vengeance.  The vengeance speaks to the fact that He is just…not to the fact that He’s a meanie of some kind.  They aren’t contradictory…they are in fact one and the same.  And He uses us in different ways, according to whatever He has equipped us with in our lives.  If someone’s way is different than yours, it doesn’t necessarily make it wrong.  It just means that you’re equipped differently than they are, and both ways are perfect for what God needs.

How do I see the God I worship?  I see Him as the best Father imaginable.  What would you expect from a Father?  You would expect that He would love you, and protect you, and provide for your needs.  You would expect that He would defend you and seek justice on your behalf, and be just with you.  What should a good Father expect from good children?  He should expect that his children will love him, will respect him, will trust him…will NOT see him as some sort of pal who will give them whatever they want whenever they want, but will do whatever is best for his children BECAUSE of His love for them…and that it won’t always be pleasant.  At least, my life thus far says it’s not always pleasant.  Sometimes God’s lessons are hard to endure.  Sometimes I have to wait way beyond my comfort zone.  But I can trust Him, and I do.  I have the utmost respect for my God.  Make no mistake about it.

Love and blessings,



About Anne Sikes

"But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us." (2 Cor. 4:7) Sharing the journey through daily thoughts and struggles, examination of Scripture, poetry, music and art.
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16 Responses to Somehow I get the feeling I have been misunderstood here

  1. Bird says:

    I wasn’t directing the pal comment or the blog to anyone particularly…When you answered in the comments, if you look, I have several people that took off in directions that I either don’t really understand why or that I plain disagree…not you. I haven’t answered most of the comments after the first few because I feel like people want to argue, and I’m not doing that. My point was only that yes, we should talk to the “fools” and be honest about it because while you (not specifically you, Anne) have a specific way of communicating God’s Love, I (Bird and many of the spiritual warrior types) may have a specific way of communicating God’s Power. One is not better than the other…the audience is just different. Why is it so offensive to people that God would be at least as multi-faceted as a human, that He created, would be? I guess I don’t really get it. I wasn’t throwing stones at the Lovers…If you took it that way, i do apologize. 🙂

  2. Anne Sikes says:

    Well firstly, you don’t have to apologize for saying anything that you think, agree or disagree with me. I do hope that you would say it directly to me though. I did think you were directing it at me…not at first, but after reading some of your other comments and rereading the post itself etc., as well as having just posted that topic myself on here about having difficulty with some of the ‘tougher’ perceptions of God. But even in that post, I tried to make it clear that I wouldn’t be so careless as to say He wasn’t going to do just as He pleased, whether I like it or understand it or not. So perhaps I’m the one who owes you the apology. Or…perhaps neither of us owes an apology, but we can both be glad it’s cleared up. LOL

    I agree with what you said in your comment above. I don’t get why it’s offensive either, that a God who is the Creator can and will do what He will, and also, yes, we were created in His image. To me, the people who have a big problem with that though, are ones who don’t really follow the Bible in its entirety…perhaps have changed some things to suit what they like and don’t like, as well as those who either don’t believe in God or don’t believe in Christianity. I mean, I have a problem with some of it in the sense that I described in that Oy Vey post of mine. But I still understand that my thoughts are my thoughts, and He’s the one that’s God.

    Anyway…thank you for coming and explaining. God has gifted you in ways though, that I could never be any good at. And I guess, the reverse. 🙂 We’re just a couple of his kids with our different personalities and strengths…and equally loved by our Abba. 🙂

    • Bird says:

      Amen to that, Sister. If I’m being really honest with myself, someone did plant the idea in my head for a couple of days now with his posts, but it wasn’t you, and I’m even considering unfollowing him. He wouldn’t probably even notice, but lately he has gotten a little pointed about people like me who embrace God even in the ways that make me uncomfortable, and each of his posts seem a little more condescending about other people’s views of God. …Here is the weird thing..He always seems to write his posts on the same subjects after I write mine, and they seem kind of personal…lol..Of course, I am probably just being paranoid, but I do ask myself, what are the chances?? Anyways, I don’t want to call him out or anything, but I notice no one ever, ever comments on his site, and I didn’t want to either…does that sound weird? I just thought I’d deal with my thoughts on it at my own site. He probably won’t even see it, but whatever…It didn’t occur to me that this would stir you up…Sorry!! I guess that is a contradiction for not really addressing someone specifically, but it did just occur to me that even though I won’t name who, I really did have someone in mind…

      • Bird says:

        And no, it isn’t Bryan at Chief of the Least…I respect him very much. 🙂 I can’t tell if this guy even has any followers. There never seems to be “likes”, no comments, and no counters…I may be his only visitor!!

        • Anne Sikes says:

          I didn’t even think for a second that it might be Bryan. I could go sift through your blog and try to figure it out. LOL But I’m not going to. That’s YOUR issue, and I’m not taking it on, because I have enough of my own, as you well know! And I don’t have a longing to figure out who you’re talking about…long as it isn’t me, anyway. LOL I mean, if you wanted me to, for the sake of an opinion or something, I would. But I didn’t suspect that you would need my measly little opinion anyway. 😀

      • Anne Sikes says:

        I don’t think it sound weird…I think it’s normal to feel ‘safer’, maybe?…posting on our own sites and being fully able to present our thoughts. But that said, we are told if we have something against someone, to go to them and make it right. I guess one could think that only means if someone offends you in a different sort of way…but I kind of think it’s just being honest if something’s bothering us. And it is hard to do that. I’ve gotten better about it, but I remember initially when I made that a goal to work on, every time I would go to someone and tell them something of a negative sort, it would come out really harshly and I’d just sound rude…not at all the way it was intended. And that was because I would just blurt it out, because it was so hard for me to do it. But the alternative, and the way I had lived my life for most of my life, had been to hold those things in and never speak up in a way that would potentially cause dissension…or if you want to get to the crux of the matter…that would make them mad at me. And I’d stew about it and build it up inside of me with all sorts of imagined exaggerations of the situation, and sometimes it’d wind up totally blown out of proportion. LOL I was way too much of a ‘people pleaser’ back then. And I will tell people now that I disagree with them (not always, but usually…depends sometimes on if I think it will matter or just stir things up), and I will be myself. But I still don’t like it when I have to approach people about things like what you’re talking about. It’s uncomfortable and unpleasant. That said, it usually turns out better in the end than I worry that it will. Not always, but usually. And this did bother me, thinking I had somehow said something that offended you, because I consider you a good friend. And I was in fact sort of twisting it in those same old ways I suppose…because I saw the words you said in the blog, and then words in the comments, and only one response, so started thinking you weren’t talking to me. Ha ha ha. It really did have me going! 🙂 But there was also the fact that I was concerned that what I had said wasn’t perfectly clear, and that I had given you and maybe others as well the wrong impression. My dear friend Skye (not a believer, married to a rather vocal atheist, by the way), knows me inside out. She knows that the biggest thing that bothers me, is the feeling that I have been misunderstood. It eats me up! So that is something to make my goal…not to let that happen. 🙂 (And I hope all this made sense. My daughter called me in the middle of typing it, and so I got kind of distracted and had to try to refocus…lol)

      • kyllingsara says:

        Perhaps he’s just as inspired by you as I am. 🙂

  3. Sometimes we tend to think more about God as the loving caring Father He is but like you said we need to remember he is a just God and must be held in reverence …He can and will do as He desires and wills to do…..Diane

  4. arkenaten says:

    @ Anne.
    When Bird says ‘Fool’ she means me. 🙂

    • Anne Sikes says:

      Yes, but not just you. But you shouldn’t take offense, because don’t you really think we’re all the fools, who believe? 🙂

      • arkenaten says:

        I don’t take a fence. Nor a gate, or a door. I don’t nick things.
        Fools? No. Missguided, would be more of an accurate description.
        The evidence is out there; I have said so before. Go look…

        • Anne Sikes says:

          I don’t need to look though. I personally have no reason or desire to question. And I’m glad you’re not a nicker, or a pair of knickers…ha ha don’t make me snicker. LOL 🙂

        • Anne Sikes says:

          By the way, I’m not laughing at or making fun of you. I believe you’re just as sincere as I am. I’m just in a good mood looking at these crazy old photos, and just havin’ fun. 🙂

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