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Last two pictures for the night

This pic of David’s dad was taken back in 1975 at David’s and my apartment in Canyon, TX.  Will post the old and then the photoshopped.  I really liked how this turned out. This one was of David and his … Continue reading

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Spent a little more time with this one

I had a hard time with this photo, getting it so that I liked the result much.  We made the mistake of taping photos to albums sometimes, and you can see a big chunk of tape on the bottom of … Continue reading

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More Photoshop fixins

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Ugh! Big hair and a frowny face. Ha ha!

Lookin’ through the old pics and trying to doctor them.  I think I just need to delete my face out of these altogether! I have no clue what was wrong with me that day! 🙂  This was in 1981…probably about … Continue reading

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Somehow I get the feeling I have been misunderstood here

I talk a lot about my God…a God of compassion, mercy and love…slow to anger, desiring none should perish.  That IS my God…the God of the Bible. He is the same God who, as the Creator, can zap us if … Continue reading

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Ahhhh! Heaven on earth

I just got home a little less than an hour ago from the best massage I think I’ve ever had.  I signed up for these massages after my daughter bought me one for my birthday the beginning of March, and … Continue reading

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