A couple things

First of all, the pain is thankfully subsiding a great deal.  I’m still hurting a lot, but it’s eased up immensely just over the last hour.  I even made it up and down the stairs without groping the rail like I was holding on for dear life. 🙂  And that’s a big deal, believe me.  It has been extremely bad since yesterday.  So thanks to those of you who have been praying.

The other thing I wanted to mention, is that I don’t know how to shut off comments for the name that abstract things that are no longer applicable.  The only one to pay attention to now is the last one, with the 3 finalists.  So be sure to cast your vote for your favorite of the 3, here:  Name That Abstract Finalists

And if any of you can tell me how I can disable comments for the other ones, I appreciate that.  I went into edit and didn’t see how to do it.  I think mostly, people get it.  But it has caused a bit of confusion, and I don’t want to delete the old posts altogether.  But maybe I should, I don’t know.  This is all new to me, but I’m enjoying it.

Voting will continue for the 3 finalists until Friday, noon central time.  Thanks!

Love and blessings,


Editing:  I just made all those other posts ‘private’ now, except the very first one.  I left that one up because it had the original photo on it that I used to created the abstract from.  But that should be enough I think to keep the confusion down more. 🙂


About Anne Sikes

"But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us." (2 Cor. 4:7) Sharing the journey through daily thoughts and struggles, examination of Scripture, poetry, music and art.
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14 Responses to A couple things

  1. shianwrites says:

    I pray you feel better soon.

  2. Skye says:

    I’m sorry you’ve been in pain, Anne! I didn’t know that… I’m glad it’s feeling better this evening, anyway. Love you! xoxoxo

    • Anne Sikes says:

      Love you too! Yeah, didn’t mention it on here til earlier this evening. Thanks. Everyone has their things going on. 🙂 It’s starting up a bit worse again though…gonna have to just go to bed soon anyway. Have to get Gracie to the bus in the morning. Traci’s been of the last 2 days at least, so I’m thankful I haven’t had to do that. I haven’t even gotten dressed the last 2 days. Ha ha…that’s pretty bad I guess.

  3. terry1954 says:

    hope tomorrow brings you a less painful day Anne

  4. kyllingsara says:

    You are in my prayers and thoughts. Anne with an E. 🙂

    • Anne Sikes says:

      Thank you, Sara of the Lake of Shining Waters. 🙂

      • kyllingsara says:

        🙂 Your comment made my heart sing.

        • Anne Sikes says:

          😀 That’s good news. Heart songs are always good news. 🙂 This has been ONE crazy bad day. LOL Actually, one of 2 bad days…but this one has been just…plain…weird. Please God…let tomorrow be better!! And the next day!! And the next day!!!!!! (he he!)

          • kyllingsara says:

            I hope so too. It’s so strange to feel this close to a person I have 1) Just met, and 2) Never really met. But it’s good strange. I will send some massive prayers up tonight that you will have easier days ahead of you. 🙂

            • Anne Sikes says:

              Thank you Sara. There are some things going on that are pretty serious right now (speaking of stress), that I don’t talk about on here. God always comes through…but he takes us to the very last minute sometimes and then blows us away with that last minute miracle. And the pain probably is stress related. As for the weird people thing…one good thing is that I learned something very valuable. How to keep my mouth shut when I REALLY wanted to say something. 🙂 And it was good in the end! At first, I was really aching to say just one more thing…but I refrained. This was on FB a bit ago, on a friend’s page. Some guy got all bent out of shape about a joke I made…after he had made some bad ones in the post in question, and I was responding directly to him with another joke. That was earlier today. He just came on there a little bit ago and was really mad at me and told me off, saying he wasn’t talking to me, he was talking to the owner of the page, and I should be able to take a joke (basically…don’t remember the exact words) So I responded that I was joking as well, and he could dish it out but couldn’t take it (playing again). He didn’t like that at all. Being as I don’t even know this guy, and out of respect to the owner of the page who I do know, I decided the less said, the better. 🙂 One thing I will NOT do though is apologize. I am tired of living my life apologizing to people for things THEY did wrong! I will apologize anytime if I did something wrong, but this guy’s the one out of line here.

            • kyllingsara says:

              Online communication can be tricky, especially if you don’t know the other person. It’s too easy to misunderstand the other person’s words becaue one misses out on all the other factors that are so important when reading the true meaning of what’s being said. Also, people tend to be much braver and easier to anger online. It’s called trolling and can be extremely annoying. I hope you can forget that guy and perhaps ignore it all. He’s just some guy you’ve never met and most likely won’t. Maybe you just got him on a bad day. Sleep well, Anne with an E. 🙂

            • Anne Sikes says:

              Thank you, and you too, my ‘bosom friend’! 🙂 I do need to go to bed. Early morning, and it’s after midnight.

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