Bad day today. Second day in extreme pain. I love this song so much. Just felt like reposting it again.

My Life Uncut...Almost

This song by Misty Edwards is one of my favorites.  The video is also beautiful.   It’s also the one I was listening to the morning when the wall came crashing down that I put up when my husband and I separated a little over a month ago…walls I constructed well to hold back any emotional sort of break down.  I sobbed and sobbed that morning.  You have to understand, as those closest to me know, that I hate to cry…I fight it with everything in me.  Tears are good.

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"But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us." (2 Cor. 4:7) Sharing the journey through daily thoughts and struggles, examination of Scripture, poetry, music and art.
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  1. Bird says:

    Sorry you are hurting so much!!

    • Anne Sikes says:

      Thanks, me too! I have fibromyalgia…diagnosed by a specialist many years ago, before they had meds they passed out for it, or even believed it as much as they do now. For the most part, I rarely have the pain anymore, but from time to time it comes back, and full force. I took a nap a bit ago…too painful even to sit here at this computer. A little better at the moment, but that’s not saying a lot. LOL It’ll pass, I hope. I sure don’t want it back like I used to have it.

      • Bird says:

        Oh, I really feel for you. That is a crappy disease…I have chronic pain from all the bones I broke in the accident, but I really only hurt when it is about to rain. Once the pressure releases when it starts to rain, I’m okay again. I’m glad it isn’t constant anymore…

  2. kyllingsara says:

    So sorry you’re in pain. Do you have any known triggers such as diet or emotional stress?

    • Anne Sikes says:

      It was so long ago that I was first diagnosed, and because it went away for the most part, I haven’t been in treatment from anyone who understood it. I was diagnosed by a specialist that dealt in arthritis and lupus and all those problems, in the early 90’s. It has been pretty much a rare thing for me since around 2000, I think. Can’t remember exactly. It had gone on for some time before I had been diagnosed. And then doctors in the Navy afterward didn’t know anything much about it and often didn’t even believe it was real. But if it can be triggered by emotional stress, that could be it. There are some biggies going on right now.

  3. kyllingsara says:

    Emotional stress is a known trigger for a whole list of things. Fibromyalgia sometimes begin after a physical trauma, surgery, infection or significant psychological stress. In other cases, symptoms gradually accumulate over time with no single triggering event.

  4. arkenaten says:

    Have you ever read Louise Haye?
    You might find her approach to dis ease is quite enlightening.
    BTW I am working on those answers for you, toggling between proper work 9smile) and the other stuff.
    Hang tight …I’m nearly done.

    • Anne Sikes says:

      Sorry for missing this comment. No, haven’t read Louise Haye…will check it out, and thank you!

    • Anne Sikes says:

      I just looked up Louise Hay on the net. She sounds like a crackpot. 🙂

      • arkenaten says:

        Well, each to his or her own…I didn’t say I adherred to what she believes, but her books on healing are very interesting, widely read and respected.

        • Anne Sikes says:

          She’s saying things like if you have a sore throat it’s because you’ve been talking about someone, and stuff like that. Here’s a link, that if you scroll down it gives the ‘meanings’ of the symptoms. It wasn’t the same one I saw yesterday when I looked. I fully agree that our emotional state has a great deal to do with our physical state. I wouldn’t argue that at all. Also diet and exercise and things play a big part. I’m just not buying into the fact that whatever ails you means you’re doing something wrong in your life, etc. Can those things cause physical problems sometimes? Yeah! But to specify as she has that a certain area is due to some specific, certain issue that you have…it’s just really weird. I can’t find the one I saw last night, but here’s another link with more…aids are caused because of sexual guilt? Alzheimer’s is because of refusal to accept or deal with the world? Interesting.

  5. arkenaten says:

    I hope these are the questions you were referring to, Anne?

    “Not only must you prove that belief in any God or religion is untrue,”
    ‘Must’? No, not must. This is not crucial to my life.

    “…but you in fact seem to hate Christians…all of us.”
    I have stressed on countless occasions, I do not hate. Hate is a waste of energy. I dislike religious dogma – all religious dogma.

    “Isn’t that just as bad as racism or any other prejudice?”
    No it is not. Good grief! You are comparing my comments with racism? Perhaps you would like to have a chat with someone who lived under Apartheid and ask them yourself? Maybe I could arrange this if you were genuinely interested?
    Besides, religion, whether you agree or not is oppressive. Some less so than others, but still oppressive.
    I believe it is right to fight oppression.
    If you require a more detailed explanation of this point I am willing to provide evidence.

    “Isn’t is as bad as someone calling you Satan because of your beliefs? Aren’t you, in essence, calling me and others like me the equivalent of Satan?”
    No. Because Satan (and sin) is an integral part of religious doctrine, created by man and manipulated by the various religions that believe in the Devil.
    I would never accuse you of being Satan or Devil inspired simply because I do not believe. How could I? This would be laughable. If I use either of the terms ‘Satan’ or ‘Devil’ out of context it would be with my tongue most firmly in my cheek, and I would make sure you certainly knew this.

    The Ark

    • Anne Sikes says:

      You attest that your speech regarding Christians then, is all perfectly acceptable because in your mind, it’s true. It’s not hate speech, not calling us who have created this evil God and want to send you and others who don’t agree with us to hell, in fact evil, not comparable at all to any other type of prejudice or stereotyping. Your speech is entirely alright and acceptable because you’re simply right. Um. Somehow I see that what I’ve done is the same, as far as presenting ‘what I believe’ as ‘truth’ that has been proven to me in my life. I do not hate you or anyone, and yet you get upset when I proclaim my beliefs in what I fully consider to be a kind and thoughtful way. Methinks you have a double standard, Sir.

      • arkenaten says:

        Sir? Cor, I’ve been Knighted. Thanks!
        Your religion is based on false premise, and false doctrine.
        I can show you evidence to back this.
        Can you produce evidence that this is the ‘truth’ you claim?
        If you wish me to believe otherwise, show me.
        The doctrine of Christianity, the fundamentalist creed, the Apostles creed, the Nicene Creed,the Trinity, are ALL man-made concepts that you adhere to – otherwise you are not Christian, right?
        You say you proclaim your beliefs in a “kind and thoughtful way”.
        This I do not dispute at all, but….
        False doctrine is false doctrine – sugar coated or otherwise.
        I will ask this one thing; relinquish and refute the belief that non-Christians will go to hell after death and you will have my immediate respect. You have my word.

        • Anne Sikes says:

          I cannot do that. It’s not my rules, or my beliefs because I like them. I am not God. I will not relinquish my belief in Him because His existence has been proven to me. You want me to show you…I have told you how you can receive proof. You scoff at me, yet that is the way you can in fact receive your proof…to step out in faith. You’re not willing to do that. I didn’t receive proof simply by hearing the doctrines presented…even having been raised with them. I believed on a certain level, but it wasn’t a true belief for me. I never felt God’s presence before I actually stepped out in faith and asked Jesus to come into my life in a personal way. You think that when I did that, I didn’t have something in me that was saying, “Why am I doing this?” And it is true also that the point in my life that I was at was a very low point, in the throws of a depression. So I was in a place of having nothing to lose as far as ‘self-respect’ by honestly taking that step of faith. In the beginning of my ‘true belief’, it was a step of faith. Afterward, it became proven fact in my life. That cannot be undone.

          As for throwing out the Bible and just keeping that other part of my faith, perhaps. Can’t do that either, because the Bible contains the basis of the beliefs I hold. As I told you before, God has spoken me, instructed me, encouraged me, through the Bible.

          I do believe that because God is a loving God and I KNOW this to be true in my life, I do not judge anyone as going to hell in the end. If you were to die today, I could not say, “Oh dear! Poor Ark is burning in hell!” I certainly would NOT say, “Ha ha! Ark laughed at me…who’s having the last laugh now??” I would say that I do not know what goes on in the last moments of a person’s life. I know God is loving and just and merciful. And I would hope that I would see you in heaven.

          However crazy or foolish you think me for those beliefs…they are in fact my genuine beliefs, and I will not, nor can I refute them.

      • arkenaten says:

        And this is why I write what I write…and round and round we go.
        You claim you have encountered God, yetr cannot show me. So how would you answerr a Muslim who claimed the same thing? Or a Jew, or Hindu, or Buddhist, or a follower of Zoastrer,Mithra, Zeus?
        Tell me, what COULD you say? How can any christian stand up and proclaim his/her faith is THE faith. Why NOT a Jew?
        You say I must step out in faith?

        If I accepted this I would be a bigger hypocrite than all the Chritians put together.
        A better person for you to engage might be Nate. You may have encountered him on Bryan’s blog?
        He was a christian..devout by the sounds of it (unlike me, an unwashed heathen since I don’t know when,lol)
        He knows what I am talking about. He has travelled both paths. He has been the reborn christian from a devout family. His dad still comments on his blog, trying to bring hiim back!
        He KNOWS, Anne. Go chat with him. He’ll have more answers because his knowledge of scripture now encompasses both sides of thew fence. And he, unlike me, is a gentle bloke.

        • Anne Sikes says:

          I have never encountered anyone from any other religion who has had the same experience, to answer your question. Do I know people who find some sort of peace or comfort in their ‘religion’? Yes…and who believe in it, in the same way I did before…a head belief, but a deep one nonetheless. And I am not…most certainly not criticizing them for what they genuinely believe. I am simply saying it’s not the same. Christianity is the only religion in which you don’t have to earn your way to grace. All you have to do is believe it, and the work has been done once and for all. There still are Christian churches, or Christian people who somehow think they have to be good enough, or work hard enough to earn their spot. That goes against what the Bible teaches about Christianity though. And I can quote Scriptures in that regard, but will spare you because I don’t think you’re interested.

          Regarding Nate…he sounds maybe like his experience was similar to that of Charles Templeton. I have said before that I cannot fathom a person who has truly had a reborn experience and has turned back away. I can’t wrap my own brain around that. I have tried to go back and not believe…actually I told you about that before. But I can’t do it, and at the point I am at now, I would not want to…no matter what! What I have seen in my life is so amazing and so good, that I could never imagine turning away from it.

          Charles Templeton said he came to a saving relationship when he was 12. I actually had one at 17 (I think I was 17…a teenager, anyway) myself…back in the ‘Jesus Freak’ era. I was very enthusiastic about it all for awhile, but it was not genuine. So I would suggest that in the case of Charles Templeton and your friend Nate, that may be the case for them as well. Can I say that for certain? Absolutely not! I don’t claim to know what’s in a person’s heart. I can only claim what’s in mine.

          But I do understand your objections. They’re not strange at all, and I know that. They’re coming from a place of wanting to find some logic in all this and have everything proven to you in advance, before you buy into it. Natural, normal and all that. It just doesn’t work that way.

          Thanks for talking to me about it, anyway…differences or not. It only serves, however, to cement my own beliefs as I recall what God has done in my own life while I talk to you.

          I also read your response to Bird on her topic. I was quite impressed, and not at all surprised. I don’t think you’re a sorry individual with no compassion within you. If I did, I wouldn’t have spoken to you as much as I have. But she has been through a lot, and I have a lot of respect for the woman. Everyone has something…believers and unbelievers alike. There was actually a story I heard once…just sort of an analogy. In it, there are two sons who grow up in a home with an alcoholic, abusive father. One of the sons grows up to be a bum. He never does anything good with his life, an alcoholic himself, and is in and out of trouble all the time and a miserable man. When asked the reasons for his downturn in life, he remarks, “My father was a drunk.” The other son grows up to be quite successful. He drinks socially but has no problems with alcohol, has a nice wife and family, a good steady job and nice home and is doing quite well. When asked the reason for his success, he replies, “My father was a drunk.”

          Some people turn away from God, or from Christianity because of adversity in a similar way. And others turn toward it.


  6. arkenaten says:

    The good you find in your religion has been bought at a huge price over the millenia. Bought in blood – and, no, I am not referring to the character of Jesus.
    The point is, that ‘good’ can be found without religion – any religion.
    Do you think because I am an atheist I am any less moral.less loving,less tolerant than a christian or muslim? Or any more moral?
    I doubt it, either way.
    At a subatomic level we are all the same. Dust to dust…remember?
    But what religion does is inculcate through fear. No matter how you interpret it. “Jesus/Moses/Mohammed loves you…but it comes wrapped in this package. Let’s open it and see, shall we?”
    It is a this or else, philosophy that leaves no margin for doubt in the mind of the adherrant.
    You know very well that if you were to become like Nate (who isn’t my friend, BTW, just a blogger) that your initial fear is that you would persish in Hell.
    How can the human mind go through life with this yoke around his/her neck? Not me, obviously, because I don’t believe.
    But try to picture a small, frightened little girl of five or six, listening to an adult tell her she is going to hell for being naughty.
    Doesn’t happen? It is happening somewhere RIGHT NOW in the christian world.
    And because christianity is an all or nothing religion (the 35,0000 plus cults notwithstanding) this dogma cannot be refuted and this poor kid is damaged for life.
    This is child abuse at it’s most basest inhuman level.And it is carried theroiuh to adulthood.
    This is not freedom.This is not love. This is not respect. This is ‘hell’

    • Anne Sikes says:

      I would agree with you about that. I even remember that old prayer I was taught as a child, “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord, my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord, my soul to take.” I don’t like that prayer for children. Children don’t and can’t have an understanding of death in the same way. I do not think that young children should be drilled about the fears of hell. I think they can be taught about the love of Jesus. When they get to an age that is old enough, they can be taught more about the rest. What age would that be? I would say that depends on the child. I do not personally believe children have to, or should be taught about fire and brimstone. Are they some who do? There are some who do a lot of things that I don’t agree with.

      And no…I don’t think that an atheist or anyone else who is not a Christian is ‘necessarily’ without compassion or morals. And I do agree that some professing Christians are without those things.

      The things you speak of, speak to human failings and human misuse of the good thing that is Christianity. They do not make Christianity bad, insofar as what it is in reality.

      • arkenaten says:

        You are cherry picking. It is an all or nothing religion, as I mentioned.And the good can be found in humans without religion. In fact humans would be better off without the ‘good’ of religion simply for this reason.
        I have posed this question to you before. What can religion/christianity offer?
        An untestable, unprovable life-after-death or eternal damnataion in Hell?
        You call this CHOICE!
        You know what happens, Anne, if you dance on eggshells?
        Please, believe what you like , but don’t try to justify your religion – any religion – on the basis that just because there are things about it that aren’t palatable it is still the only path to tread.
        This is hypocritical. You cannot have one without the other, and the ‘other’ in religion is despicable.

        • Anne Sikes says:

          You are SO wrong. You have it all twisted into an ugly thing that it is absolutely not. Cherry picking? How? I’m simply telling you the truth. You simplify it into only the either eternal life in heaven or eternal life in the pangs of hell…it is so much more than that. God is the most incredible, wonderful, loving, amazing…unimaginably AWESOME God. My life, no matter what horrible trials or heartaches I go through in it, no matter how much pain I’m racked with…is infinitely better because of the Christian God that I worship and serve and that loves me unconditionally. Yes…life after death in a wonderful heaven is the cherry on top.

          No…can’t prove that. Can only tell you that it has been proven to me so thoroughly that I will never, ever be able to believe that it is not the whole, beautiful truth. You want to say that because of evil within the history of Christianity (you talk about those things a lot) that the whole thing is simply evil. You could not be more wrong. I’m a lot of things, Ark…but a liar is not one of them. If I didn’t truly believe every word of this, I would not sit here and proclaim it to you.

          • arkenaten says:

            Oh, I have no doubt that you are not a liar. Because you believe what you proclaim is the truth. But, no matter how good you believe it is, how much good it has done for you, it comes with a price. It ISs conditional, otherwise Hell would not feature.
            And the simple fact that you are unable/unwilling? To recognise this fact perfectly illustrates what I have been trying to explain to you (and others) all along.
            Sorry, but the truth will set you free. Religion is a gaol. And the gaolers are very clever at deceit and lies.
            Your religious doctrine even ‘pursues’ those who do not follow, condemning them to hell for not believing. It is WRITTEN , Anne.

            • Anne Sikes says:

              Sigh. Big sigh. Another sigh.

            • arkenaten says:

              Is this a response or merely a pause while you collect your thoughts?
              Or are you searching the bible/internet for an appropiate response?
              Always remember, I am not merely ‘having a go’ at Christianity, here. I feel the same about ALL religion.
              Just so’s you don’t think I “hate” only Christians, okay?

            • Anne Sikes says:

              No, I know you hate all religion. I think you hate Christianity in particular because of the corruption within, the ‘indoctrination’ of young, innocent children, things you say are contradictory or unproven, etc….and of course the idea of hell.

              And no, wasn’t collecting my thoughts, or researching. I just don’t know what to say without repeating myself. Maybe I could find different ways to say the same things I’ve already said. But it’s still saying the same thing, and you’re not having it. So my sighs are simply realizing the futility of my words to you, and simply not knowing what else to say.

            • arkenaten says:

              Please, I have mentioned this before and i shall mention it again. I do not hate anything. Do not put words into my ‘mouth’.
              I choose christianity to banter with because I have yet to come across any Muslims or Jews or other faiths that blog. Althogh I have engaged a few over on Letterdash on occasion.
              There is little you can say, I am afraid. You are no doubt a good, sweet kind person. Religion snares all sorts.
              It is, I guess, unrealistic for me to expect you to refute any part of your religion. But funnily enough, you did at one point, am I right?
              You were a Catholic…or a least raised in a Catholic household.
              And you turned your back on it. Rejected it’s doctrine.
              Yet, it has Jesus, has one god and you jumped ship, as it were?
              So, you were convinced once, who knows …..

            • Anne Sikes says:

              That was a denomination…doctrine of an individual sect within Christianity that I rejected. It was not Christianity. There is a difference, and I believe I stated that difference for me. And said that in the end, it was largely a personal decision regarding how I prefer to practice my Christianity, as well as some issues that I take with Catholic rituals and beliefs.

              I used the word ‘hate’ only because I picked it out of a statement you had said in your comment, about not ‘hating’ only Christians. I do understand that you don’t truly ‘hate’ individuals simply for their beliefs. You hate the beliefs themselves…you perhaps hate people who corrupt the beliefs, etc. But I get it…sorry for stating it that way. 🙂

            • arkenaten says:

              No problem. May I ask, if quite a few million Catholics swear by their religion, (doctrine) to death in some cases I am sure, what makes them wrong?

            • Anne Sikes says:

              I believe I have said before that I do not hold the belief that one will go to hell because they are Catholic. And I’ll even go further than that, at the risk of inviting some disagreement from other Christians about this. But I have an extreme difficulty believing that people of any other religion that they deeply believe because, say, they were taught to believe it and not question it…will simply go to hell for those beliefs…regardless of how innocent they are or how good the people are. As I said to you before, I don’t know what happens in the last moments of a person’s life. I do know that the Bible (which as you know, I hold to be truth) says that unless a person believes in Christ, they cannot be saved. But there is way too much that I don’t know…simply because of the fact that I am not God, and also because of the fact that I have emphasized with you that the God who has become a reality in my life is incredibly loving and merciful. I especially have a difficult time believing that the Jews who were so horribly murdered under Hitler’s regime, and in the name of Christianity, no less, were sent to burn in hell by the loving God that I know.

            • arkenaten says:

              Right, so why do you have a problem refuting the doctrine of hell?
              Oh, and there SO many Christians that truly believe Catholics are not Christians ; antichrists in fact, and I reckon you would be in a minority with your views on them to be honest.
              I side with you btw. If a bloke wants to wear a coat that looks like a dress and wear stupid bloody hats, that’s his choice.
              “I do know that the Bible (which as you know, I hold to be truth)….”
              No it isn’t. And I can show you why it isn’t.
              I agree with you about those that suffered during Hitler’s regime.
              How are you on the Americans who dropped atomic bombs on Japanese civilians

            • Anne Sikes says:

              I think the bombings in Japan were unspeakable horrors. They were an answer to the attacks on us at Pearl Harbor, however. I have no problem with us responding accordingly to being attacked, and in defense of our country. But the atomic bomb…I do not believe that a lot of people had any idea what they would do…and even for years beyond the attacks themselves, with people dying of cancer.

              I’m done arguing with you on Bible is truth, or Bible isn’t truth. I know how you feel about it, and you know how I feel about it. You believe you’re right. I believe I’m right. Stalemate.

              I am not in a minority in my belief about Catholics, actually. Those who believe they’re going to hell simply based on being Catholic are actually the minority. I haven’t ‘fact checked’ the statistics on that, but would be willing to wager that I’m right. (If I had anything to wager.)

              Why do I have a problem refuting the doctrine of hell? Listen…I can separate what I believe to be truth because I have experienced it and know it and it has become fact and truth to me, and what I believe because it’s part of the teachings that I follow…like my belief in God for example…the loving God I told you about. Like my belief in Jesus Christ as the Savior and that being the true way that God intends us to get to Him. I can separate those things which are proven to me, from beliefs that I hold because they are part of the ones that I state above, and I am told to believe them. Thereby, I can tell you for a fact that there is a God…that He is loving, that Jesus Christ is His Son and the means that He gave us for salvation. I can tell you for a fact that God has used the Bible in my life for instruction, correction, encouragement, comfort, etc. It is the document that contains the details of the beliefs that I stated to know as fact in my life. There are many things within the Bible that I do not understand, and that I cannot grasp, and that I have difficulty with. I cannot, therefore, tell you they are truth because of them being proven truths to me…only that I believe them to be truth because they are contained in this document which is stated to be truth, that is part of the faith that I follow.

              I have a feeling I may not be as clear as I’d like here…lol…I’m trying so hard to accurately state this, that I am confusing myself. I will say I have lost a dear Christian friend, and gotten into some serious disagreements with some over the gay issue. I don’t believe it’s any worse of a sin than any other one, and I believe the Bible backs me up on that. I do believe that gays should not be turned away or given dirty looks, or told they have to clean up their act before they come to Christ. Nobody else is! Only them, and that’s wrong! I also believe the Bible backs me up on that. I believe that a lot of the disagreements people have with me about those things are due more to an attitude of disgust, or even hatred, and lack of understanding toward that lifestyle that color their vision when they look at the Scriptures.

              Look…I am not a person who just accepts, no questions. I started out with the act of faith, accepting Christ that day. Now, I accept what I know to be true without question. I accept a lot of the rest, with an understanding that I have unanswered questions and an acceptance within that I don’t have to have all the answers…don’t have to understand everything fully. I cannot throw away the notion of hell as it’s stated…even the parts I have difficulty believing would be in line with the loving God that I have experienced, because He is, in fact, the one who is God. And I would not be so careless as to tell a person to disregard it and not worry about it because I don’t understand it…and have to then be responsible for my error there.

              You believe the Bible is false. You believe that has been proven to you…yet, you said something in one of your posts on your Ark On Religion site that stated that you can’t prove your case, nor can the case of faith be proven (not using your exact words…I know that…but in general that’s what you said, am I wrong?)

              I am not going to tell a non-believer something to appease them that I don’t believe, and I am not going to agree with another believer about something either that I have honest questions about, or that don’t line up with the truth that I know to be fact.

              Now…why do you keep asking me these same, tired questions regarding evil in the world that you do? We’ve gone at that ad nauseum. God, and evil are separate things. We agree that evil has been done all across the board in the name of religion. It does not prove that belief in God is wrong. It only proves that evil exists.

            • arkenaten says:

              Phew this was a lopng reply!
              Listen, lets’ call it wuits for a while okay? I don;t want to be responsible for you lot blowing a fuse.

              Oh, and you are right. One cannot provide proof. All I said was the evidence shjould speak for itself.
              Did I say I could provide proof? I think I said I can show you, yes?

            • Anne Sikes says:

              🙂 Just so’s you know…I’m not about to blow a fuse. Surprisingly enough, I’m quite calm. Just having to remain on my toes to keep up with all of this. But yes, a break might be in order…especially for you, since you’ve been busy not just here, but everywhere else too! Pax

            • arkenaten says:

              Pax it is.

            • Anne Sikes says:

              I will say as for the long responses, I type very fast. I often don’t realize how long they are until after the fact. I’m sorry about that. 🙂

            • arkenaten says:

              Don’t apologise. Just type slower because I read slowly, okay? 😉

            • Anne Sikes says:

              Just had to retrieve your last 2 comments from spam…have no clue why. They seem very innocent to me. 🙂

            • arkenaten says:

              Ah, tis the bogeyman atheist. The CIA are listening in. I’m unpatriotic, you see. 😉

            • Anne Sikes says:

              Ha ha ha! Unpatriotic as well as a heathen?? Ooh…you’re in trouble!!! 🙂

            • arkenaten says:

              What can I do? I’ll go say three Hail Mary’s and have a cup of tea, I think. It’s getting late down here at the bottom of the world. I’m a biut tired. Sleep well. Watch out for that Sandman, Anne.

            • Anne Sikes says:

              Take care, Ark.

    • I’m going to regret this probably..but want to offer only a couple of comments…As far as God allowing a child to go to Hell…until a person is old enough or able in their mental capacity to understand the reality that Jesus went to the Cross to die for our sins…until comprehension is really there…then God does not hold that child/person accountable and therefore guilty of rejection of Jesus. He does not allow the still innocent to go to Hell.
      Regarding ‘unconditional love’…God offers His UNCONDITIONAL love to ALL but some reject it as you do, by not accepting that Jesus died on the Cross for you once and for all for your sins. It is man that rejects his ‘unconditional love’.

      I have had my rhetorical conversations with another Atheist and like Anne nothing that I said was convincing enough to alter his thinking. He was stuck in his thinking and didn’t want to really listen with anything other than his own thoughts, so won’t continue to carry on where Anne so deftly left off…..I only wanted to offer some thoughts on two of your issues….Diane

      • arkenaten says:

        “I’m going to regret this probably..but want to offer only a couple of comments…As far as God allowing a child to go to Hell…until a person is old enough or able in their mental capacity to understand the reality that Jesus went to the Cross to die for our sins…until comprehension is really there…then God does not hold that child/person accountable and therefore guilty of rejection of Jesus. He does not allow the still innocent to go to Hell.”
        Firstly,, if you really thought you would regret this then why on earth comment? Ego? You just can’t resist, can you? LOL. But I should worry. This is cyberspace, baby. Let the dice fall…
        Oh, boy, oh boy. And you are going to miraculously produce the part from Scripture where you found this little gem are you? Ho hum….
        And how do those people who are mentally incapable through illness or accident fall into this wonderful picture of yours? They are often NEVER in a position to make a judgement call. Shall we just put a tick next to their names, pop them into a hat or merely offer up a prayer in the hope that your god will provide the answer? Oh please, for goodness sake…
        Do you even understand the doctrine of inherited sin?
        “Regarding ‘unconditional love’…God offers His UNCONDITIONAL love to ALL but some reject it as you do, by not accepting that Jesus died on the Cross for you once and for all for your sins. It is man that rejects his ‘unconditional love’.”
        Wrong. And what’s worse, you are too blind in your faith to understand why you are wrong. Read my response to Anne thoroughly and maybe you will see. Your religion demands subservience. If you do not believe in all aspects of the Creed you will go to hell, and also those who fall outside your religion. Atheists, Catholics, Muslims, and probably used car salesmen as well. For your god’s sake, please LEARN the tenets of your own darn religion and not interpret it willy-nilly just to make you feel good about yourself. This is why there are over 35,000 different sects of Christianity –because you can’t perishing agree!
        Read that last line again until it sinks in: 35,000 different Christian sects.
        Are you getting the picture?
        If your god was real he would have the most outrageous blinking headache listening to all you lot praying.
        If you are a used car salesmen I was not being serious – I meant tax collectors, of course.

        • Why I replied….”Fools rush in where Angels fear to tred” maybe some ego..maybe just because….

          All you do is issues ‘tirades’ so nothing more will be said..I Believe…. You Do not…so be it…..

      • arkenaten says:

        Which is worse…the quiet lies or the anger that refutes them?

        No. I do not believe.
        And so it shall be…

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