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Treasure Hunt

How do you explain to a person the treasure that lies in believing?  How do you convince a person that they must go beyond intellectual reason, and the human inclination to want some sort of tangible evidence first?  How can … Continue reading

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Seeking peace, high in the hills

I love going to the mountains.  The beauty there, to me, is special.  Yeah, I like the sea too, and of course I live closer to the sea than to the mountains.  I especially like going to the beach at … Continue reading

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The whole truth, and nothing but the truth

There are some Christian teachings that focus pretty much on a hell and damnation aspect of Christianity.  There are others that seem to delete that from their message, and focus on a loving, kind God, and never talks about hell.  … Continue reading

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Originally posted on My Life Uncut…Almost:
I know there are those who think that believing in God is belief in fairy tales…not having a good grasp on reality. 🙂  It’s okay.  But I am perfectly content living in my…

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