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As a child I had an active imagination that often would amaze my mother.  I also had the faith of a child that had no problem believing in a mighty God who created the Heavens and the…

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Word Power

🙂  My eldest daughter is job hunting.  Meanwhile, she’s a very busy lady, doing odd jobs of all sorts.  She had posted something in regards to all of these goings on, on her Facebook page the other day.  In response, … Continue reading

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Laughter at others’ expense

I don’t know what made me think of this.  Who knows, with this brain of mine.  I started thinking about when my first husband David and I were in Japan years ago.  Both of us worked at the clubs on … Continue reading

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I figured out how to enable ratings on comments.  Yes, I know…I am slow sometimes. Ha ha!  Anyway, if you want to ‘vote’ for favorites on the Name That Abstract post below, you can now do so, as well as … Continue reading

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For my best friend

Dear Skye Blue   How do I say how thankful I am for you? Even when we don’t talk as much sometimes You are held deep within a special place In my heart. Over ten years ago it’s been Since … Continue reading

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Name That Abstract

Was messing around with another picture this morning, and can’t decide on what to call it.  So I thought maybe I’d let y’all help me pick it out.  I’m thinking I’ll even make this a new thing that I’ll do … Continue reading

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