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Weary Traveler

  The                 Lonely                                 And long                                                 Road goes on                                                                 And on, seeming                                                                                 To never end as we                                                                                                 Sit together and listen to                                                                                 Music play on the radio                                                                 While we talk about                                                 Our … Continue reading

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There has been a situation I’ve been very concerned about.  Well…as some of you know, there have been several things going on.  And I say ‘concerned’, but I haven’t been too concerned…I trusted that God would work it out, and … Continue reading

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Movie Night with my girls

My youngest is making dinner…spaghetti.  Yum.  After we eat, we’re going to gather round and watch the movie War Horse.  I haven’t seen it.  My daughters and granddaughter all have.  They say it’s very good. I hope you’ve had a … Continue reading

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Wrinkle your brow if you must Reading your newspaper I sit and watch with Napkin folded Kept in lap Laughing Eyes

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Firestorm of Controversy…again

I seem to get myself into the middle of this from time to time…into topics that are divisive, or that deal with issues that fall into the category of being politically correct or not.  But this one, this is an … Continue reading

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