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Argue and Bicker…what’s up?

🙂  Why is it so surprising and notable to people when Christians argue?  Now, I’m not meaning to pick on anyone about this.  But I have noticed that some of my friends like to point it out when we Christians … Continue reading

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Can you lose your salvation? Help me out on this one.

I came across the blog of a young man, Austin Coons, who is really impressive.  At 16 years old, he is intently studying and sharing Christ.  I’m blessed to have come across his blog here.  He has given me permission … Continue reading

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(Ahem) Sunshine Award…Again!

I am very happy, and honored to receive the blogger’s Sunshine Award, again! I can truly say I’m speechless, (which is really saying something, as you know from how much I like to talk) and really, really hoping my daughter … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Mick Corless:
I finished this thing quite a while back but I never got a chance to upload it. And a link to the unfinished here.

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For Christ’s Sake

I talk all the time of how much I love my friends…all of my friends, no matter what the political beliefs, or religious beliefs.  That’s the truth.  Just the other day (or was it yesterday) I was talking about people … Continue reading

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Perhaps one of my weirdest photoshop moments

My husband took that photo of me when we were up in Tennessee back in May of ’06.  Well…not ‘exactly’ that one. Ha ha.  Just one of me standing by the rapids.  I had a lot of fun messing with … Continue reading

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Originally posted on My Heart's Overflow:
One of the most significant things I have learned in my life is that walking with God and giving Him my whole heart and my love and my praise is a daily, hourly, moment by moment affair. To desire…

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