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My daughter’s reaction to my nomination for the Sunshine Award

I told my daughter the other day about how my friend faithnibbles had nominated me for an award.  She thought that was really cool, and then asked, “What award was it?”  I told her “The Sunshine Award”.  Her response?  Hysterical … Continue reading

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Minute Poem

I’m trying another type of poem out.  This time it’s a ‘minute poem’.  This is what it’s described as here. http://www.shadowpoetry.com/resources/wip/types.html  And thank you again to rebelcoyote for providing me with that link. Minute Poetry The Minute Poem is rhyming … Continue reading

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On the fence

There’s a mockingbird on the fence in our very small backyard.   It’s been out there all day, every time I went outside…just sitting there in that same spot, chattering away.  It hasn’t been the least bit bothered by my presence…has … Continue reading

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If I’m living in a dream world, please don’t wake me

I know there are those who think that believing in God is belief in fairy tales…not having a good grasp on reality. 🙂  It’s okay.  But I am perfectly content living in my ‘fantasy world’.  If I were to suddenly … Continue reading

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Do you want my help, or don’t you??

I have to shake my head at myself sometimes when I think about how I am about this. 🙂  There are times when I have no problem asking for help…depends on what it is and what kind of help it … Continue reading

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Confused as usual…need HELP please!

I’m trying to figure out how to add a list of blogs I follow to my homepage on here, so that if visitors want to check out other blogs that I’m following they can do so from a list.  I’ve … Continue reading

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Originally posted on The Rabid Mime:
I didn’t wake up very rested this morning. Which usually means I was doing battle in my head all night. And because of a certain word tattoed on my mind’s eye this morning I…

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Blessed beyond measure!!

I have so much to be thankful for, even in the midst of not feeling all so well.  God has really been working in my life to show Himself a very present help in my time of need, and I … Continue reading

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Problems viewing my profile from my gravatar?

A big, HUGE thank you to http://breakingtherubberband.wordpress.com/  for letting me know that there was a problem with my gravatar profile being accessible.  I had my information listed incorrectly on my gravatar, and hopefully have it corrected now so that you … Continue reading

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My Desire

Thanks to loopy loo for posting this.  I had never heard it.  I love Jeremy Camp, and this is just beautiful.  Hope it blesses you on this Saturday morning too.  And to Loopy Loo, thank you for blessing me with … Continue reading

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