The Sunshine Award

The Sunshine Award

Thank you to Faith Nibbles for nominating me for The Sunshine Award! The Sunshine Award honors bloggers who “bring a little bit of positivity and sunshine into the lives of others.” I am amazed, pleased and very honored to have been nominated for this award.  I pray that my blog truly will be a deserving recipient of this nomination.

The Rules are as follows:

1.  Thank the person who gave you this award and write a post about it…… Thanks Faith Nibbles! :)

2.  Write 7 interesting things about yourself.

3.  Pass on the award to 7 fabulous bloggers, link their blogs and let them know you awarded them.

7 Interesting Things About Me

1. My Christian faith is central to who I am.  How I deal with everything that happens in my life, good or bad, is centered around that faith.  Can’t help it, and don’t want to. 🙂

2. I’m a musician/songwriter.  Have played piano since age 5, and used to sing pretty well too.  Was even in a little rock band once upon a time.  I haven’t done much of it for awhile now, though.

3.  Years ago while my first husband and I were in Japan, I modeled for a Japanese hairdresser in the big hair show in Tokyo.  It was one of the most memorable and enjoyable things I’ve ever done. (But oh, how my feet hurt when it was over!) 🙂

4. I have been married twice.  My first husband passed away in 2001, and I am currently separated from my husband of almost 6 years.

5. I love to cook.  When I married the first time, while I could bake well, I didn’t know how to cook much.  We ate a lot of hamburger helper back in those days.  But now I’m a very good cook, and my spaghetti sauce has been said by many to be the best they had ever had. That makes me grin ear to ear. 🙂

6. Second to my God, my family is central in my life.  I love my children, stepchildren and grandchildren immensely, and am so thankful for every one of them.

7.  I’m honest.  Sometimes painfully so.  But I also love deeply and sincerely…and forever, whether love relationships, family or friends. 

7 Blogs I Nominate for the Sunshine Award: – I love this blog, and this blogger. – A dear ‘real life’ friend of mine for years now…and a truly wonderful blog. – Love this site.  It truly is a tranquil place. – A beautiful blog, by a beautiful person inside out!  Great, encouraging blog by a brother in Christ. – great blog by a new friend on here! – He may call himself the chief of least, but his blog is one that I read most.

About Anne Sikes

"But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us." (2 Cor. 4:7) Sharing the journey through daily thoughts and struggles, examination of Scripture, poetry, music and art.
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10 Responses to The Sunshine Award

  1. faithfulnibbles says:

    I cannot wait to check out these blots when I get home tonight! Great learning more about you as well. Praying for you.

    • Anne Sikes says:

      Thank you Marilyn! I have to go get dressed and ready to go for my full day. See ya’ later! You bless me!


  2. Pingback: My Third Sunshine Award! Heartfelt Appreciation… « atranquilplace

  3. Wow! I’m honoured and so blessed! Thank you Anne! Also, I’m rejoicing with you about your good news and miracle today at the dentist! God is good, especially as we acknowledge Him in everything and everyday! We see his goodness more that way–that’s how YOU are 🙂 Love!!

    • Anne Sikes says:

      Linda, I love you SO much! Thank you for your gentle spirit…your true friendship…and how you serve HIM every day of your life…not just with your blog, but in everything you do. And yes…God is SO good. 🙂

  4. oneanna65 says:

    Thank you Anne. This is the greatest Award that i could dream of. God Bless You and all the Great Bloggers in the Cyber Space!

    • Anne Sikes says:

      I posted that in the wrong place, so just to be sure you see it, you’re the one who’s a blessing to me, and I thank you, oneanna65! 🙂

  5. Anne Sikes says:

    You’re a blessing to me! Thank YOU!


  6. I’ve been sick for the past few days 😦 but God has used you to encourage me….thank you for the nomination of this award 🙂 however, you may want to choose someone else because I won’t be able to repost…I am thankful for you and praying for you sweet sister.

    • Anne Sikes says:

      I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been sick! I knew you were the other day, and was wondering how you were doing. I missed seeing you around WP. I’m praying for you too…and no, I’m not choosing anyone else. You can do it when you feel better, which I pray will be very soon!!


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