A House Divided – Challenge #1 (for Beth)

Politics.  That was my first request in my offer to take challenges from you wonderful people.   And that…from a friend, no less!  😉

I try to avoid this topic, but sometimes I get all wound up about something, and can’t avoid giving my opinions.  It just wells up inside me and comes out, like a dam bursting and sending my thoughts and views pouring out, full force.

Because, thankfully, Beth set no limits on the topic, and just said simply to write about ‘politics’, that leaves me leeway to not get too controversial with it.  Thank you for that, Beth!!  I was going to point it out to you, but then decided I’d be shooting myself in the foot, so kept my mouth shut for once.   So here it is…my opinion regarding politics in general. 🙂

I am honestly disheartened and frustrated by what has become of the political system in the U.S.  You have corrupt, greedy politicians who will lie, cheat and steal to get their positions.  I think that if they start out honest, often they will not make it very far.  Either lies will be told about them, they’ll be ridiculed somehow, or they will in fact succumb to pressure and become corrupt themselves.  Cynical much?  Yes, I suppose I am quite cynical.



I have my views, and like most everything in life, my views are based pretty securely on my Christian views about most political issues.  That said, there are other Christians who disagree politically with me.  I have strong opinions and love to give them, or have in the past.  But I have grown weary of doing so, I admit.  I don’t like conflict, contrary to some might think, given the fact that I will indeed speak up with a differing view to people, and it will sometimes set a conflict in heavy motion.

Although I have my own views and opinions, I have a wide variety of dear people in my life who differ greatly in political views.  And that is perfectly okay with me!  I love to hear their views too.  I think in fact, that the only way to really make any progress, and stay ‘united’, as our country’s name suggests we are, is if we can freely and respectfully discuss our opinions and our differences.  The ‘respect’ part of that is key, I think.  And it’s also often missing.  I see on Facebook all the time, from varying sides of the political issues, people attacking differing views in outright mean ways.  They don’t just poke fun of the ‘other side’ a lot of the time, but they’re downright insulting.

Now you tell me…if someone approaches you with their opinion, and insults you in the process, are you likely to listen to them?  Are you likely to even consider their opinion or try to find out the reasoning behind it?  No.

We are very much a house divided in America right now, and that saddens me.  It sickens me.  And what’s worse, I don’t know how to solve it.  Not without finding a way to make people stop being so selfish about their own opinions and start hearing others.  I don’t just mean I want others to hear my views.  It has to go both ways.

I urge you, where politics are concerned, to take a step back and a deep breath when presented with someone’s different opinions.  Try to hear them.  Try to look at that person and see them as another American…another human being…a brother or sister in this country that we call united, as well as just in this world we live in.  Understand that tempers may flare sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stomp off and hate that person.  Allow yourselves to be different, and maybe even to embrace that you’re different.

And yes…in the end we must all do what we believe is right regarding political opinions.  Go to the voting polls and cast your vote.  But if you do it without listening to other sides…if you do it after only hearing slanted, biased views from those who agree with you, it’s my opinion that you’re making a mistake.

If you want to do some further, more fact based reading on the evolution of politics, there are a couple of links for you to check out at the bottom of the page.  Peace out!

Love and blessings,


Evolution of American Political Parties from the Revolution to the Reconstruction

The Evolution of Politics


About Anne Sikes

"But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us." (2 Cor. 4:7) Sharing the journey through daily thoughts and struggles, examination of Scripture, poetry, music and art.
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3 Responses to A House Divided – Challenge #1 (for Beth)

  1. wilmoth7 says:

    Good job, Anne. Nothing I can fight with you about on it. haha We can listen to each other, but few people will change their minds , unfortunately. So we have elections and there are consequences to them, good and bad. I am discouraged like you. Now I feel like no matter who I vote for, the country is going down. It just goes down slower with a Republican than a Democrat, is all. The best thing that could ever happen is to have term limits so that we don’t get career politicians.

    • Anne Sikes says:

      Well, we might could fight about that next to last statement, only in the fact that although my beliefs are conservative, I think most of the Republicans could take us down pretty fast too. I think that the whole political system in this country is such a mess and so full of corruption, coupled with a media that so often reports in such slanted ways, and the whole lot of them…politicians and media, feeding into the problem I was speaking of above. That problem being that Americans are very divided. The politicians and the media want to keep it that way…or so it seems.

      • wilmoth7 says:

        Well I will fight you on that then. I know many Republicans in Congress want to balance the budget and get spending under control and many other ideas to help the country and they get blasted by the President and media for it. So I do believe the statement I made above. But I also believe power corrupts and that is what is happening to both parties. Bush had no business expanding Medicaid. It was so ridiculous. I could go on and on. Yet I knew a Democrat would be even worse.

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